Red Wine

Can Red Wine Help With Weight Loss? Of course it can!

We’ve all heard about how red wine can help with cardiovascular health and will bring down blood sugar levels. It also helps us to relax and would be great at the end of a long work day. With recent studies, we also have heard how more than three glasses of wine per week can put women at higher risk for breast cancer. Well I drink three glasses of red wine a night and have gotten numerous blood tests and my readings were perfect. Don’t get me wrong I’m not condoning the abuse of alcohol, but red wine as far as I’m concerned would be great for your health in moderation.


Well, a recent study that was published in Cell Metabolism from November 2011, showed that a small study of 11 obese men who in the study, ingested 150 milligrams per day of resveratrol (ResVida) in a randomized, double-blind crossover study for 30 days showed metabolic changes mimicking the effects of lowering blood sugar levels. (Calorie Restriction.)


Essentially, in the study they saw mild improvement in blood pressure, improved mobilization of lipid and triglycerides, decreased liver function test levels along with low blood sugar from red wine.

It would be inappropriate to think to obtain the resveratrol in wine for obese patients looking for weight loss support. The caloric content in red wine would not be helpful and this study is based on a resveratrol supplement.

So, my recommendation would be to stick to the resveratrol and not utilize red wine for the purposes of weight loss only if you are obese or an alcoholic.

In the study, they saw that resveratrol helped to reduce accumulation of fat in the liver, blood sugar after meals, and blood pressure. Resveratrol also helped to boost efficiency of muscles. At the dosage used in the study, you would have to drink about two gallons of red wine a day to get the equivalent amount of resveratrol. My recommendation would be to utilize wine for your health because in the real world red wine thins your blood, lowers your blood sugar and would be great for your digestion system.

So, for those who would be going out to the stores to buy resveratrol out of excitement from recent study findings, what should you be cautious about and will it help with your blood sugar levels?

My main concern would be safety for those people with high blood sugar levels (Diabetes) who are on insulin or diabetes medications that could lower blood sugar levels.

For these patients, make sure that your physicians are aware you are on this and to monitor your blood sugar regularly to make sure your blood sugar levels don’t decrease too much while on the medication along with a moderate intake of red wine which would be in the study, great for your health and your blood sugar levels.

What is exciting about this study is that in the study we are learning more and more about the benefits of red wine and foods and how to utilize resveratrol for health improvement and good blood sugar levels.


Similar to medications where they are not appropriate for everyone, red wine should also be utilized in a way that is specific to every patient and not be given at the same dosage for everyone in the general public.

As obesity and chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes continue to reach epidemic proportions, would be to look outside the medicine box for lifestyle, nutritional and nutraceutical options to fight this uphill battle whether it be blood sugar, weight loss or health in general.

While this study is just the beginning, as are many others that are just now being published, we are at least headed in the right direction and would be to find comprehensive methods of dealing with epidemic health concerns.

Although further studies are definitely needed to establish long-term safety of resveratrol and red wine consumption I will say as an avid red wine drinker and health fanatic and licensed nutrition guru I have only health benefits from my wine consumption. Just remember my motto always is everything in moderation, well maybe not everything LOL !! Ok I hope this blog has helped you in your journey for good health and weight loss. Take care R.J. Pihl.