The Great Benefits Of Potassium

Can Exercise Alone Help You Lose Weight ?

Why Count Calories For Weight Loss?

Low Glycemic Foods

Can Red Wine Help With Weight Loss? 

1500 Calorie Diet 

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“About Weight Loss Made Simple:”

At Weight Loss Made Simple we have years of experience on weight loss and nutrition. Our site is here to educate you on diet,exercise and nutrition. In addition, making the right decisions for you to achieve your goals. Through research and personal

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“The Avocado has many Health Benefits; By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

Avocados have many Uses: Avocados are used for toast toppings, desserts and smoothies.  The versatile avocado is often touted as a health food.  The nutritional content in avocados are especially relevant for good health. The fat content is very nutritional.The avocado is very popular. Furthermore, the avocado has a rich, creamy, velvety texture with a […]

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“Try Asparagus for Good Health; By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

Asparagus is the Ultimate Vitamin: First of all, asparagus is common in many parts of the world. Furthermore, asparagus is well-known for its taste. You can eat it raw or cooked. In addition, asparagus has folate vitamin K, iron, and fiber. Pregnant women should eat asparagus for the nutritional benefits. It can be valuable during pregnancy as […]

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“Goat’s Milk is much Better than Cow’s Milk: By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

Consuming Cow’s Milk: First of all, cow’s milk is one of America’s most common daily drinks. Furthermore, cow’s milk is hard to digest. It is interesting to note that cow’s milk is the cause of intestinal discomfort. Many Americans experience gas, bloating, and other forms of indigestion. In addition, the average cow is given growth hormones, […]

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“There are Good Meats and Bad Meats; By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

The Europeans know American Conventional Meat is Poison: First of all, countries in Europe banned hormone-treated American meats. Europeans are health smart. As a result, they do not buy US meat. Europeans know a-lot more about hormone-treated meat than we do. Conventionally raised meats are dangerous. Furthermore, poultry and dairy are full of cancer causing hormones. […]

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“Fast Foods are making us Obese and Unhealthy:” By weight Loss Made Simple:

Scarfing down Burgers Fries and Sodas: First of all, every day a quarter of Americans scarf down burgers, fries, and sodas.  This is the all-American fast food fix. Furthermore, the United States spends more on fast food than they do on movies, books, magazines, newspapers, videos, and records. Americans shelled out $110 billion on burgers […]

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