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  • Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy:Image result for platelet rich plasma therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy can help with minor injuries. And in addition, many professional athletes use the plasma therapy to return to play faster, hence weekend warriors following their lead. But for some, the Platelet rich plasma therapy injection didn’t work. Or their Platelet Rich Plasma failed to help resolve the problem as a result. Let’s find out the reason for this and what happens next.
  • What is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy?

First of all, PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. Furthermore, this plasma therapy is a concentrate of the patient’s own blood platelets in their own serum. Platelets are fragments of cells that clot the blood. And in addition, the platelets are especially relevant in helping growth factors stimulate repair. Platelet Rich Plasma is like concentrated espresso shots. The local cells to kick them into gear. Not many physicians possess the expertise to prepare Platelet Rich Plasma manually. The Regenexx Network Provider does. Hence, most doctors purchase automated centrifuges. This reduces the complexity and costs. These automated centrifuges are push button machines. And these machines utilize kits the doctor buys for Platelet Rich Plasma. So as a result, the doctor doesn’t know much about the PRP. He knows where to put the kit and where the “On” button is located which is most noteworthy.
  • A Platelet Rich Plasma Mix is always different to the Doctor and Clinic:

There are many types of Platelet Rich Plasma. And from the patient’s perspective, the PRP falls into three categories.
  • Red Platelet Rich Plasma:Image result for red platelet rich plasma

This PRP is red in color and concentrated to lower levels. And in addition, this is the first type of PRP available with the older machines. The Red Platelet Rich Plasma is rich in white blood cells. And as a result, injecting the white blood cells will cause more inflammation and reaction. Many doctors believe the Red Plasma Rich Platelet Therapy may be less effective for most orthopedic applications. Extra white blood cells cause the inflammation. In conclusion, there are a few conditions where Red Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy can be useful.
  • Lower Concentration Amber Platelet Rich Plasma therapy:

This rich plasma is amber in color and concentrated to lower levels or fewer platelets. This is a newer Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. And in addition, this rich plasm is low in red and white blood cells. The name for this rich plasma therapy is “Pure PRP”. This is especially relevant in causing less of a tissue reaction. And therefore experiencing less swelling when injected. In conclusion, this type of rich plasma therapy is ideal for injecting into tendons and ligaments.
  • Highly Concentrated Amber Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy:

This plasma therapy is amber, but it has more platelets. Furthermore, not many automated machines can produce this higher concentration of amber PRP. So as a result this type of rich plasma therapy is less common. In conclusion, this type of PRP is good for joints and the treatment of arthritis.
  • What Injuries do PRP Injections Treat?

(Tendinopathy comes from degenerated tendons). Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is a very common treatment for the ailment.
(Small tendon and ligament tears)(Arthritis)
(Treating Joints that loose Cartilage and develop Bone Spurs)
Rich Plasma Therapy is especially relevant in treating joints that have begun to lose cartilage. Once the joint looses cartilage, it developes bone spurs.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma and why it may not Work:Image result for why PRP does not work

First of all, PRP shots are not always a good fit for the problem being treated. PRP can produce great results treating mild knee arthritis. But PRP can fail when used to treat moderate or severe arthritis. Furthermore, I’ve seen better results can with high concentration amber PRP or stem cells. There are other problems that may be too severe for PRP. Hence, bigger tendon or ligament tears may require surgery. But small tears may respond to stem cell injections which is most noteworthy.
  • Other reasons why Rich Plasma Therapy may not Work:

Another reason PRP may fail is due to the wrong type of therapy used for the problem. And as result, a doctor makes an investment in a specific automated machine. This machine produces a specific PRP type. And that’s all he or she usually has to use as a result. Patient problems aren’t one sized fits all. First of all, older patients have less potent platelets They need much higher concentrations of plasma therapy. And in addition, red PRP may not be the best fit for problems like knee arthritis. The Regenexx providers adjust the PRP preparations which match the patient and the condition. PRP failure happens from a doctor who is inexperienced with the technology.
  • Choose the Right Doctor:Image result for choose the right doctor for PRP

Finally, there are physicians who inject toxic anesthetics. These anesthetics are Marcaine / Bupivicaine, or high dose steroids.Using these noxious drug chemicals counteracts much of the PRP healing effects. In conclusion, PRP should only be injected under imaging guidance. Ultrasound will ensure that the platelets are getting to the exact spots needed. Many older physicians and surgeons have never been trained for PRP therapy. And as a result, this leaves them to perform blind injections that are likely to miss the mark. On a good note, PRP works well when the right type is used for the right problem. However, medical technology is not a perfect science. If your PRP didn’t work for you, see if you might need a different type of treatment. Find an experienced provider. Finally, use another technology that works well. Regenexx patented stem cell protocol would be especially relevant in treating the problem.
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