“The Man who Invented the Straight Bar Barbell; By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

  • The strongmen Circus Performers:Image result for strongmen circus performers

First of all, the circus is a traveling variety show. And in addition, big top circuses and vaudeville were one of the biggest entertainment spectacles. The circus was big entertainment in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. And as a result, stars like Harry Houdini would perform his illusion act for the circus. Furthermore, promoters like P.T. Barnum and Flo Ziegfeld hired the best of the best. The circus hired odd people to attract the masses. General Tom Thumb is a good example. Strongman and Strongman performers were an essentially relevant act. And in the circus, illusionists, self-promoters, and authentically gifted people, were the first international celebrities. These strongman performers weren’t just strong; they were entertainers. And in addition, the strongmen engaged in theatrical hyperbole and real feats of strength.
  • Strongman Shows:

Finally, Eugene Sandow, popularized a show called The Tomb of Hercules. To start he would put his body in an arched position. Then he would face toward the sky and think about the crab walk from grade school PE. Three trained horses would walk across a bridge on a thick wood plank. They covered his chest and abdomen with a wooden plank. And in addition to Eugene Sandow, Siegmund “Zishe” Breitbart, took this act a step further. His Tomb of Hercules supported a motordrome. The motordome was a cage that motorcycles could drive up onto. They road the walls in circles while two motorcycles chased each other around inside. This was the Gilded Age of the strongman entertainer.
  • The Commercial Fitness Industry:

Consequently, in this period of time, Americans experienced a cultural backlash. The cutural backlash was from the excess of the ultra-wealth. And as a result, the base spirit of gain was born. Physical fitness became very popular. This backlash was evident on college campuses. Therefore, allowing for the growth of the commercial fitness industry . The straight bar barbell was just around the corner.The Strongmen sold more than just Fitness Equipment:
In pursuit of a fit body, people reached out to their celebrities for guidance. And as a result, the strongmen sold sex and aesthetics. They also sold the latest and greatest fitness equipment. Furthermore, they used mass media and the vast mail-order catalogs of Sears Roebuck and Montgomery Ward. People wanted to be strong like Bernarr McFadden. Bernarr Mcfadden was a millionaire, magazine tycoon, presidential candidate, and a nudist cult leader.
  • Alan Calvert and the Straight Bar Barbell:

Finally, there was one man who was not impressed with the showtime strongman. Alan Calvert didn’t like the non-standard, misleading equipment. And in addition, he did’nt like the theatrics that sold the idea of strength to the masses. So as a result, he wrote a book called “The Truth About Weightlifting.” The book exposed the vaudeville strongmen claims as impossible or fraudulent. But, Alan Calvert invented the straight bar barbell.
  • The Straight Bar Barbell:

The first version of the straight bar barbell appeared around the 1860s. European gymnasiums had the first version of the straight bar barbell. Hence, the straight bar barbell having evolved from the dumbbell design. The first straight bar barbell had fixed weight on the end. And the straight bar barbell was four to six feet long. So as a result, the straight bar was manufactured at a given weight. Or you could fill the hollow plates with substances like sand or lead shot. This was the only way to change the weight on the straight bar barbell. Therefore the weight could not be changed, meaning more straight bars and more space taken up in one’s home or gym. In conclusion, the adjustable versions of the straight bar barbell took too long to change the weight. And you could not measure the weight as a result.
  • Calvert’s patent for the Early Straight Bar Barbell:Related image

In 1908, Alan Calvert released the Milo Triplex. The Milo Triplex was a straight bar that allowed you to change the load. All you had to do was add or remove the plates on the end of the straight bar which is most note worthy. Calvert’s Straight bar barbell invention made strength training accessible to anyone with any level of skill. This straight bar invention removed the mystique of the strongman performers regimens as a result. Calvert’s straight bar barbell the single greatest concept given to weightlifting. And those who have engaged in strength training would readily agree.
  • The Milo Barbell Company:

Calvert’s company was called The Milo Barbell Company. The Milo Barbell Company was named after a famous Greek wrestler. Milo of Croton was his name. Furthermore, Milo’s strength was legendary. His records survive and speak to a man whose strength and skill were as mythological as anyone in history. There are many stories about him. And in addition, the most famous is Milo lifting a calf every day until it was a full grown bull. As the bull grew, Milo adapted and his strength increased. Calvert knew Milo’s strength was built through years of hard work. The Milo Barbell was a counterpoint to the antics of the showtime strongman.
  • The Milo Barbell or Straight Bar Barbell:Image result for straight bar barbellIn conclusion, Milo of Croton revolutionized the fitness industry with his Milo Barbell or Straight Bar Barbell. And as a result, the Milo Barbell helped bridge the gap between strength as a cultural imperative. Strong people survive and contribute to the community. And the Milo Barbell is an aspiration to combat technologically induced stagnation. 

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