“The Smith Machine for Total Leg Development; By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

  • The Smith Machine is a great Piece of Equipment:Image result for the smith machine is a great piece of equipment

First of all, the Smith machine looks like a squat rack. And in addition, the smith machine has a barbell that slides in a fixed track. And you can achieve total leg development with the smith. It has been labeled as: “crap,” “not functional,” and “headgear for your body.” The Smith machine is a handy piece of gym equipment but also an easy and amusing target of insult. Furthermore, total leg development has given the smith machine widespread recognition. I use the smith machine for total leg development. And I’m a competitive bodybuilder.
  • Smith Machine Haters:

A-lot of power-lifters claim the Smith machine is not functional. You don’t have to balance the weight on the smith. According to naysayers, balancing the weight is especially relevant for total leg development. The fixed bar kills the benefit. Furthermore, they criticize the machine because it’s guided. That it’s a straight line. They think it’s better to do a regular squat because it’s a free weight movement. Hence, free weight movements allow you to move more. For that reason, they say you can’t achieve total leg development. So as a result, the smith would not beneficial because of those criteria.
  • The Smith Machine incorporates Total leg Development:

The smith machine has a fixed barbell and a wide footprint. And the smith isn’t perfect for everything. Furthermore, you don’t have to have a Smith machine. If I was trying to open a gym, I would invest in a the Smith machine which is most noteworthy. If you can’t afford the smith it’s not the end of the world. But if you can afford it, the smith machine is the tool for total leg development. And in addition, having access to a Smith machine will add to your progress for total leg development. The idea that it’s a waste of time is not helpful whatsoever.
  • Total Leg Development with Smith Squats:Image result for smith machine incorporates leg development

Consequently, a conventional barbell squat works the glutes and quadriceps in each repetition. But balance is required to perform the movement. So as a result, this means the muscle groups must do a similar amount of work. This is because your body has to avoid tipping forward or backward. The glutes and hamstrings are the back part of your legs. Therefore, the glutes and hamstrings always perform an opposite function to the quadriceps on the front. Your hamstrings and glutes are big drivers of acceleration. And your quads are big contributors to deceleration. When an NFL receiver runs a route, the glutes and hamstrings help get him off the line and as a result, propel him forward. But the quads are especially relevant in helping him pivot for a quick turn.
  • Total Leg Development for the Front Quads:Image result for smith machine total leg development

The machine will give you total leg development and quad-dominant squats will help you reach that goal. And in addition, the machine will tweak the traditional back squat to activate the front leg muscles. This is because you can lean back against the bar. Furthermore, the machine isn’t going to tip over. You can get your feet in front of you in a different stance. You can’t do that with a regular barbell squat. Total leg development is the result. Free weight squats have a center of mass over the base of support. But with the machine you can get your feet out in front and focus on your quads. Try the front squat by incorporating a normal back squat position on the machine. And in addition, make sure your shins are perpendicular to the floor at the bottom of the movement.
  • Smith Push-ups:

First of all, with the machine you can work up to a full on-ground push-up. There are incremental barbell heights on the Smith machine. The different heights can help you start high for some warm-ups. And as you get stronger adjust the bar lower. And as a result, you can be stricter with consistent height and set a marker you need to reach. Start at a height where you can do full reps. Lower your chest to the bar. Remember the bar setting. Once that height gets easy, lower the bar another notch. Finally, work your way down to the floor.
  • Opposite Rows:Image result for opposite rows on the smith machine

This exercise is the opposite of incline push-ups. You will be pulling yourself upward from underneath the bar. Use a barbell pad to protect your chest from the bar while you’re pulling the bar toward the chest. This inhibits the shoulders from rolling inward. Finally use a height where you can hit decent reps. Adjust the bar downward as you master the movement.
In conclusion, the smith machine is a great tool for total leg development and in addition,the machine can be used for the upper body. All in all, the smith machine has its place in the gym. Good leg strength and good leg development is accomplished with an open mind.