“Green Tea Consumption is good for the Heart and Brain; By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

  • Green Tea has many Health Benefits:

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First of all, tea has been cultivated for centuries. And green tea consumption is popular all over the world. And in addition, a cup of green tea has many health benefits. The health benefits are especially relevant and well-documented. Consequently, green tea leaves are packed with cell-protecting polyphenol phytochemicals. These phytochemicals are called catechins. And catechins have significant medicinal and antioxidant properties. The green tea leaves protect against heart disease, cancer and cell damage from oxidative stress. And in addition, Green tea consumption promotes brain health.
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EGCG is a potent polyphenol catechin which is most noteworthy. It is found in green tea leaves and as a result has the greatest anti-cancer effects. In addition to helping prevent cancer, EGCG inhibits cancer cell growth. It does this by preventing one cancer cell from splitting into two cells. And therefore inhibits the mechanism that spreads cancers cells as a result. And green tea leaves repair UVD-induced DNA-damage in skin cancer.
  • Green Tea Consumption and Your Heart:

Green tea leaves are very medicinal. And in addition, EGCG has the highest number of anti-oxidant properties. These beneficial effects are especially relevant in preventing cardiovascular disease. Green tea has protective benefits for heart disease. And the benefits come from the plant’s compound. Furthermore, green tea consumption improves blood flow, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. And green tea leaves protect against the oxidation of LDL particles that lead to atherosclerosis. The Japanese are the winners when it comes to green tea consumption. Drinking green tea has lowered the risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease. The mortality rate was lowered by thirty-one percent in women and twenty-two percent in men.
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Green tea leaves protect brain cells. And green tea has neuroprotective agents which is especially relevant in protecting against neurodegenerative disorders. These disorders are Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. The tea leaves are good for your brain. Green tea leaves protect against the formation of beta-amyloid plaques which is most noteworthy. And these plaques contribute to Alzheimer’s as a result. Most of all, EGCG improves your working memory.
First of all, the caffeine in green tea leaves has no bearing on the health benefits of green tea consumption. And in addition, green tea is an exception due to the significant benefits on health and heart disease. There are nutrition guidelines which recommend two cups of green tea per day. This is because the tea leaves have caffeine, which is a stimulant. Consequently, green tea has a calming effect that counteracts the caffeine. And this is especially relevant with an amino acid called L-theanine. L-theanine boosts alpha wave activity in the brain. And in addition, produces a state of relaxed concentration. The calming effect of green tea leaves decreases your body’s blood pressure.
  • Caffeinated V. Decaffeinated Green

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     Tea Leaves:

A cup of green tea has forty-five milligrams of caffeine. Coffee has 145 to 200 milligrams per cup. Decaffeinated green tea consumption has less health benefits. Furthermore, the process to remove the caffeine strips the leaves of the beneficial polyphenols. Choose decaffeinated green tea that uses an “effervescence” method. This is a natural process that uses water and carbon dioxide. Therefore, this will process the tea leaves without chemicals which will preserve most of the polyphenols. Always drink freshly brewed green tea to get the most benefits. And avoid the consumption of powdered tea. Powered tea contains fewer polyphenols.
  • Green Tea Consumption is Most Beneficial:

In conclusion, the concentration of theanine, EGCG and other elements are most abundant. Choose fresh, high quality loose leaf green tea. The concentration will be different, depending on which brand you choose. Steep your tea in hot water. Do this for five minutes. Finally this will extract the powerful polyphenol activity of EGCG.


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