“A Healthy Whole-wheat Pizza is better; By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

  • A Healthy Whole-wheat pizza is a good Fast Food option:

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First of all, pizza can be one of the healthy fast-food options. But you have to make the right choices. Furthermore, the cheese, sauce and meat are full of sodium and fat. And in addition, the condiments and the crust contribute to the caloric content of pizza. Whole-wheat pizza can be a healthy choice. A healthy whole wheat pizza should be topped with fiber-filled vegetables and tomato sauce. And always use a small amount of cheese for a healthy whole wheat pizza.
  • The Fat Content:

Consequently, a healthy whole-wheat pizza contains many vitamins and minerals. These are beneficial nutrients. But the pizza may contain a great deal of fat from the cheese topping. This is why one-quarter of a whole-wheat Margherita pizza contains 13.3 grams of fat. And in addition, 4.6 grams are saturated. Furthermore, you must put a limit on your saturated fat intake. A healthy whole-wheat pizza should have a low-fat cheese option. A high consumption of saturated fat will increase the risk of a heart attack. Therefore, you must choose a low-fat cheese for a healthy whole-wheat pizza.
  • Protein Content of a Healthy Whole-wheat Pizza:Image result for whole wheat pizza with grilled chicken

A healthy whole-wheat pizza contains a good deal of protein. The protein is found in the crust, cheese and meat toppings.  And in addition, one-quarter of a whole-wheat Margherita pizza contains 15.4 grams of protein. Hence, filling 28 percent of the protein a 150 pound person needs daily. Protein will keep you satisfied after eating.  And protein intake will slow the rate at which food leaves the stomach. Protein is especially relevant in building and repairing the body’s tissues.
  • A Healthy Whole-wheat Pizza has Fiber:Image result for healthy whole-wheat pizza

 A whole-wheat crust is a healthy option over the white crust which is most noteworthy. The whole-wheat crust has increased fiber content. White flour is a refined product. Furthermore, it is stripped it of all of its beneficial fiber. A one-quarter serving of a whole-wheat Margherita pizza contains 7 grams of fiber. This is 28 percent of your daily value of fiber which is especially relevant for a 2,000-calorie diet plan. Fiber helps you feel satisfied after eating.  And fiber creates a feeling of fullness. And in addition, fiber helps your digestive system move.
  • A Healthy Whole-wheat Pizza has Vitamins and Minerals:

In conclusion, the healthy whole-wheat pizza has many essential vitamins and minerals. The whole-wheat crust is a source of fibrous whole grains. Furthermore, the crust contains B vitamins and minerals.  Iron and magnesium are a good source of B vitamins and minerals. The light cheese is full of calcium, which is important for bone health. Always top your pizza with vegetables. Vegetables will contain additional vitamins. Tomato sauce has vitamin C but can be high in sodium. Try grilled chicken on your healthy whole-wheat pizza. The protein contains B vitamins, vitamin E and zinc.

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