“For a Great Sex Life Exercise on a regular Basis; By Weight Loss Simple:”

  • People who Exercise add Years to their life:

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First of all, exercise is good for you. Furthermore, people who exercise add years to their life. Being physically fit keeps your heart healthy. And for a good sex life exercise will make your sex life better. When you exercise several times a week, you will increase   your health and as result improve your sex life. Let’s check out the details.
  • Exercise Makes Your Body Feel Sexy:grass outdoor girl woman lawn trunk model green training jogging exercise fitness workout muscle sports sexy fit athlete active wellness abdomen outdoor fitness active lifestyle physical exercise sport venue human action physical fitness

Consequently, you must feel sexy to perform well in bed. And in addition, people who exercise have a better body image. People who do not exercise are overweight. Furthermore, feeling good about your body is important. This will lead to a better sex life. More physically fit men and women have a higher sexual libido. Sedentary men and women have a poor sexual desire. Therefore, men and women with a good sex life exercise three times a week. They rate their sexual libido as above average. As the number of days of exercise increased, so did the sexual libido.
  • Exercise Improves Sexual Performance:

Men and women who are more physically fit rate their sexual performance higher. And in addition, for a better sex life exercise four to five days per week. The men and women, who exercise, claim their sexual performance as above average. The reason for this is an increase in confidence. Furthermore, the people who exercise have an improved body image. And exercise creates better circulation and blood flow.
  • For a Good Sex Life Exercise Means More Sex:Image result for Exercise for a good sex life


People who exercise more have more sex most of all. And there is a reason for this sexual performance. Hence, people who exercise more are healthier and younger. They have attractive bodies and the non-exercisers don’t. Men and women who have an active sex life exercise often. They seek out activities and sensations which is especially relevant. The more you exercise, the more sex you will have.
  • Exercise Helps with Sexual Longevity:


Sixty-year-old people who exercise frequently have the same amount of sex and sexual pleasure as the younger generation. Consequently, the sexual frequency and satisfaction rating of sixty year old swimmers was great. Their sex life was the same as those 20 years younger. Furthermore, to have a great sex life exercise is the key factor. The more you exercise your sexual age will be years younger.
  • Erectile Dysfunction is /reduced by Exercise:Image result for erectile dysfunction


Finally, we go to erectile dysfunction. A healthy penis is a healthy heart.  Erectile dysfunction is caused by circulatory problems. Therefore to have an erection, the penis must have blood. Blocked arteries and high blood pressure will interfere with that process. Exercise keeps the heart and arteries healthy and as a result, exercise reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction. And in addition, physically active men have better erections. And a lower risk of impotence.
  • The Release of Endorphins:

Exercise creates endorphins. Endorphins give a feeling of pleasure. There is the classic runner’s high. In a runner’s high a runner experiences a feeling of contentment. And as a result exercise causes this release of endorphins. Your sexual libido and feelings of sexual pleasure use an endorphin release system. With a great sex life exercise releases these endorphins. Therefore getting frequent and intense releases is what happens as a result. Exercise is sexual arousal and pleasure for the future. Furthermore, women who frequently exercise become aroused quickly. They are able have an orgasm faster and more intensely.
  • To have a Great Sex Life Exercise Adds Options:Image result for have a great sex life with exercise


In conclusion, being physically fit will give you more options for sex. Sex is an intense physical activity. And sex requires strength and endurance. Exercise increases your strength and endurance. Sexual positions require greater physical control.
  • The Conclusion:

Better health is enough motivation to get you to the gym. But better sex will give you more motivation. Use this information to inspire exercise and to increase your fitness. For a great sex life exercise is a must!


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