“With Old Age Exercise is a Must; By Weight Loss Made Simple:”


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Strength training has seniors tackle aging. And, at an old age exercise and training over the age of 65 is beneficial for longevity. First of all, the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences did a study. It was a study on strength training and physical activity. And in addition, Norwegian seniors were monitored.When you reach your 30’s, you must stay physically active to maintain strength. Furthermore, without physical activity, you will start to lose muscle mass. And in addition, every year one percent of our muscle mass is lost. But you can counteract it by strength training. As we deal with old age exercise will impact our lives greatly. Consequently, seniors experience reduced muscle strength. Furthermore, traditional strength training will help seniors with their daily activities. And without traditional strength training daily activities are hampered. Walking up the stairs, carrying shopping bags or getting out of bed will be a challenge. And, as we grow older we will experience balance impairment which is most noteworthy.
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First of all, let’s determine the best strength training principles for seniors. We will compare traditional strength training with functional strength training. You use free weights for functional strength training. And you use Machines for traditional strength training. They studied fifty-three seniors. The seniors did strength training twice per week. This was a three-month program. As a result, both training programs improved muscular strength. But the traditional strength training was different. The seniors experienced upper body muscle power from traditional strength training. The senior’s combination of force and velocity increased.
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This is a significant improvement and with old age exercise is strength. And as a result, working out with machines can give you greater control over resistance. Functional strength training involves more muscle groups. But traditional strength training has a greater effect on balance and stability which is especially relevant. Consequently, for old age exercise such as functional strength training is more relevant for daily activities. Furthermore, these activities require a certain degree of muscle strength and balance. In addition, functional strength training can be done at home.
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The study examined the Norwegian senior’s physical activity. And in addition, they kept track of five hundred and sixty seniors in the 65-85 age groups. And for seven days the senior’s activity was monitored. In addition, the subjects completed a self-assessment questionnaire. The seniors were asked about the state of health.Consequently, only twenty-one percent of the participants met the requirements for physical activity. This was thirty minutes of activity every day. And as a result, only six percent met the recommendation for seniors in their eighties.
Other studies found a difference between men and women. But this is not the case in Norway.  Female Norwegian seniors are just as physically active as their male counterparts. Also, at an old age exercise is important. Norwegians are more physically active than senior citizens in USA, UK and Iceland. Norwegian female seniors stay active, therefore spending more time on low-intensity activities. They spend less time being inactive. And they don’t spend time on strenuous activities. The male seniors prefer the strenuous activities.
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Norway has a life expectancy that continues to rise. Norwegians show that with old age exercise is good for longevity. And in addition, Norwegian authorities implement appropriate measures for the different age groups. This will help them study activity levels like functional strength training. This way the seniors can achieve good health from physical activity. Furthermore, it takes effective measures to promote physical activity among seniors. And as a result, this will have a significant impact on our society.
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Traditional strength training and functional strength training will improve your physical condition. And more seniors will be self-reliant and less dependent on medication. In conclusion, seniors need physical activity. Most of all, the study showed a link between walking, having better balance, and improving dynamic back strength. With old age exercise helps senior citizens to be self-reliant in their everyday lives. Also, we need to change our attitudes toward diet and exercise. Seniors are using modern technology. So, what are you waiting for? Eat right, train hard, and live life to the fullest!