“Walking with Weights in your Hands; By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

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Try walking at a low rate of speed. Furthermore, when you walk, your health improves greatly. And walking is a great workout for your muscles, joints and cardiovascular system. And in addition, when you walk consistently you lower the risk for cardiovascular diseases.  Heart disease and lung disease are a good example. Walk to burn calories which can help keep weight in check as a result. Consequently, there are ways to increase your workout while you walk. And there are several things you can do to up the intensity. You can walk faster or for longer periods of time. Walking with weights is intense and will provide some benefits.  But walking with weights can cause some health-related problems. If you have some health issues consult with your doctor. Hence, before adding weights to your walking routine make sure you get the OK.
  • Burn more Fat:

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Walking with hand weights can burn much more fat. Furthermore, walking with hand weights must be done correctly. Swing your arms to shoulder height for 20 to 30 minutes. And you will therefore burn much more calories than you would without the weights. Ankle weights have the same effect as walking with hand weights hence, increasing the workout on your leg muscles. And the intensity will therefore burn more calories. But walking with weights only burns twenty percent more calories. Furthermore, the risk of injury may outweigh the minimal benefit. Walking with weights can hurt your knees. If you have bad knees don’t use ankle weights. Go with hand weights. Use common sense when walking with weights.
  • Injuries on Joints and Ligaments:

Walking with ankle weights can be rough on the body. And in addition, your body is not accustomed to the extra weight. This will cause injuries to knees, hips, elbows, shoulders and ankles. Also, walking with hand weights can throw off your natural walking motion which is most noteworthy. Walking with hand weights will change your stride. Therefore causing strain to your joints and ligaments. The walk can lead to soreness and swelling hence, putting you at an increased risk for injury.
  • Watch your Blood Pressure:

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Consequently, walking with hand weights can cause high blood pressure. This is when you walk and grip the weights tightly. Squeezing the weights for an extended walk can raise the blood pressure. Walk with weights for several days per week and raise your blood pressure. Furthermore, if you walk with hand weights for an extended period of time, your blood pressure goes up. High blood pressure can cause health problems. And high blood pressure can cause heart disease and an increased risk for stroke.
  • Be Careful:

In conclusion, an experienced walker can use weights in their routine. When walking fast and uphill, gets too easy, use 1-lb. weights. Walk and bend your elbows to 90 degrees when swinging your arms  And in addition,  increase the weight slowly. Don’t do more than 1 lb. at a time. You can try weight vests for the walk. Weight vests will not stress your back and joints. But they are uncomfortable, especially in the heat.