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  • Volleyball is Good Exercise:

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First of all, you can get a little fed up with the same old exercise routine. Furthermore, the boredom of jogging around the block can be a motivation killer. And the elliptical trainer can be tedious and repetitive. But there is an activity that will add some spark to your workout as a result. Get some friends together and head to the beach. Or go to your nearest volleyball court. And in addition you can burn some calories and have some fun.  Competitive exercise will burn calories. And playing volleyball is a great way to stay healthy. Consequently, volleyball has physical and mental health benefits. And volleyball is good exercise.
  • Burn Calories:

Consequently, volleyball does not feel as intense as your cardio regime. And in addition, you might not feel the same exertion during a game of volleyball. But the sport will burn calories. Furthermore, volleyball burns calories quickly. A 155-pound person can burn 298 calories. The 298 calories are burned from a half-hour game of beach volleyball.  Running at 5 mph and swimming the backstroke is very similar. The same person can burn 149 calories from 30 minutes of gym volleyball.  And 112 calories from a 30-minute game of water volleyball can be achieved as a result.
  • Strengthening the muscles:Image result for volleyball is good exercise

Playing volleyball can burn calories and shed a few pounds of fat. And as a result, playing volleyball is a good exercise for muscle strength. Therefore, playing volleyball is an effective way to build a number of major muscle groups throughout your body. Furthermore, volleyball will tone your muscles and will give you strength. So you can burn calories while strengthening your arms, legs and core.  Using your legs for playing volleyball is especially relevant during a single play. And in addition you will use your core strength to make quick turns. Hence, using your arms and shoulders will build more muscle.
  • More Benefits:

Most of all, to be successful in volleyball, you must have the ability to make split-second decisions. And in addition, you must have strong hand and eye coordination. Volleyball can help you burn calories and improve your coordination. Playing volleyball is balance and reflexes. And this is especially relevant when you play the sport frequently.  Playing beach volleyball has a low impact on your joints. Furthermore, people who are overweight and dealing with joint pain can benefit.
  • The Mental Benefits of a Good Exercise:

You should experience an uplifted mood after a game of volleyball. And your friends will feel the same effect. In conclusion, exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins boost your mood and alleviate stress and depression. Volleyball can burn calories and provide a meditation-like period. And in addition you will be very focused on the game. The focus will clear your mind of your problems and while reducing your stress levels. Volleyball has a social element attached to it. And playing volleyball is good exercise which requires teamwork and cooperation. So let’s hit the volleyball court and get trim and fit today!


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