“The Vapor Awareness Campaign; By Weight Loss made Simple:”

  • The Vapor Awareness Campaign:

Image result for vapor awareness campaignFirst of all, vaping is becoming very popular. Furthermore, the UK has the first major vapor awareness campaign. The campaign is called V-April. And the event aims to help smokers understand the value offered by e-cigarettes. Dr. Christian Jessen will act as the face of the awareness campaign. This will help the vaping industry gain some willing ears on smoking cessation. The awareness campaign was organized by the UK Vaping Industry Association. The UK Vaping Industry Association supports developing and promoting the vaping industry. In addition, the value of the vaping industry is over a billion dollars. There is a-lot of momentum in the vaping industry. Furthermore, it is important to educate the masses about the real risks and benefits of Vaping.
  • Largest Vapor Awareness Campaign of its Kind:

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The UK Vaping Industry Association says this will be the largest campaign. Consequently, this will be the largest awareness campaign ever run by the vaping industry. This reflects how far the UK vaping industry has come. The smoking cessation campaign is a welcome sight which is most noteworthy. Cigarette smoking is responsible for millions of deaths per year.  V-April will help smokers understand the benefits of vaping. In addition, switching to vaping is a good way to kick the smoking habit. There are over seven million smokers in the UK. Forty percent have never tried vaping for smoking cessation.  This indicates there’s still a lot of room for improvement.
  • The V-April Challenge:Image result for the v-april challenge

The V-April organizers are asking smokers to take the V-April challenge therefore giving smokers a chance to try vaping. Vaping works for smoking cessation. Furthermore, there will be classes at the vape shops. The vapor awareness campaign will give smokers an opportunity to learn about all the vaping products. In addition to that, they are helping smokers learn about the options they have for smoking cessation. And the awareness campaign has a guide called “Vaping to break the Smoking Habit.”
  • The First Smoking Cessation Campaign:

Consequently, this is the first vaping only smoking cessation campaign.  There is a growing momentum for vaping rights. In addition, the UK has an annual “Stoptober” smoking cessation campaign. This includes ads about vaping for the first time. A few years back e-cigarettes were discouraged or omitted from any discussions. These discussions were about the best ways to kick a smoking habit. Now there is a flood of information that supports vaping for smoking cessation. Hence, federal organizers finally gave vaping its spot in the push.
  • Public Health England:

These changes came quickly and the awareness campaign will help the vaping industry. In fact, Public Health England found that vaping is ninety-five percent safer than smoking. This was confirmed by an expert evidence review report. Furthermore, the UK vaping industry found that the cancer risk of vapers is 57,000 times lower than smoking. Given these figures, e-cigarettes offer a significant benefit to smokers. Vaping for smoking cessation reduces your exposure to harm. Research indicates that vaping is more likely to help someone quit smoking than any other method. This includes prescription drugs for smoking cessation.
  • The best Smoking cessation Tool:

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While vaping is not one hundred percent harmless, we know that vaping is the best chance many smokers have to quit smoking. Consequently, vapers were able to quit smoking using e-cigarettes. And without vaping, they would be smoking. There is increased awareness via campaigns like Stoptober and V-April. But the fight is far from won. If we want to be free of cigarettes, we must support vaping as a result. Vaping is a smoking cessation tool. This is especially relevant for those who have had trouble quitting in the past. A-lot of the smoking population has never tried vaping which is most noteworthy. In conclusion, the vapor awareness campaign is the beginning of a new error for the vaping industry. Furthermore, this sort of event is going to improve vaping rights. And the awareness campaign is the best way to show people how safe vaping is than smoking.


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