“Vaping is in and Big Tobacco is Starting to Cash In on it:”

  •  Philip Morris has a new e-cig that uses real tobacco. With new Heat Stick technology the company has hit pay dirt:

 In Tokyo Japan A customer tries a Philip Morris’ “iQOS” smokeless tobacco e-cigarette at an iQOS store. First of all Japan Tobacco is looking forward to a very lucrative future. In addition, Philip Morris is doing the same. Two tobacco giants are seeing strong demand for their reboots of the e-cigarette in Japan. Due to supply shortages Philip Morris International twice postponed a nationwide rollout and Japan Tobacco is suspending shipments. Japan has become a key testing ground for Philip Morris and their new, real tobacco e-smokes. Philip Morris is grappling with shrinking demand for traditional cigarettes in other developed countries.Image result for images of the philip morris heat stick cigarette

  • The Worlds Largest Tobacco Smoking Company:


Philip Morris is the world’s largest tobacco company. The company has postponed the nationwide rollout of its iQOS. Furthermore, Philip Morris has the funds to mass produce and develop new products. The company has believed that the success of iQOS commercialization in Japan will accelerate its global expansion. Philip Morris Japan president Paul Riley is very positive about the future of the tobacco vapor products. Because of the high demand of the iQOS cigarette and Philip Morris is making plans for big success.

  • High Expectations for Japan Tobacco:Image result for images of the philip morris

Japan Tobacco has very high expectations for growth of the so-called tobacco vapor category in five years. Furthermore the CEO of Japan Tobacco confirmed this in an earnings briefing in Japan. First of all the iQOS is a tobacco stick heated just enough to produce an aerosol but not combust. The company is betting real tobacco will make it more satisfying to smokers than existing e-cigarettes.  Philip Morris is making big plans for the future. In addition iQOS, priced at 9,980 yen ($89), appears similar to other e-cigarettes. The tobacco device is pen-shaped and battery-powered, then heated to release tobacco vapor. Consequently, a company like Japan Tobacco is capable of mass producing iQOS cigarettes and Philip Morris is right behind.

  • Marlboro Heat Sticks an Alternative to Tobacco Smoking: 

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A key distinction is the refills, sold as Marlboro Heat Sticks. Heavily regulated in Japan, most e-cigarettes sold elsewhere use nicotine-laced liquid not real tobacco. In addition, Marlboro cigarettes are the same price as 20 Heat Sticks selling for 460 yen. Furthermore, In Japan Philip Morris has introduced iQOS in major cities like Switzerland, Italy and other countries. Because Japan is the first country to plan a nationwide release the company will see big profits.

In conclusion throughout Japan the company had originally planned to sell the product, but postponed the launch.  Consequently this was due to a potential supply shortage. Stronger-than-expected sales in 12 prefectures where it has been test marketing has deleted stock of the real tobacco. The company estimates the market share of Marlboro Heat Sticks reached 2.4 percent in Tokyo at the end of January.

  • The World’s Third Largest Tobacco Maker:


Japan Tobacco is the world’s third largest tobacco maker which commands about 60 percent of Japan’s cigarette market. Japan Tobacco has also got in on the action by acquiring two overseas e-cigarette makers. Therefore in the past two years the company has been expanding on real tobacco. Philip Morris is a pioneer in the tobacco industry and the company has big plans. The Ploom TECH has been launched in Japan priced at 4,000 yen and sold with 460-yen packs of five capsules. Most noteworthy,  Ploom TECH‘s selling point is that vapor generated from a liquid cartridge passes through the capsules’ granulated tobacco. In conclusion, the company says the Ploom tastes like real tobacco smoking.

  • Global Expansion of iQOS Cigarettes:

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Furthermore, the director of Japan Tobacco’s products marketing division has good insight for the future. Especially relevant, there is a need for products that are smokeless but are still as satisfying as cigarettes and tobacco. As a result, iQOS, Ploom TECH‘s launch in the southern Japanese city of Fukuoka proved to be very popular. In conclusion, the shipment of the tobacco device was suspended after a week due to a supply shortage. Japan Tobacco is currently working on a nationwide launch. The company is also eyeing a global expansion of iQOS and Ploom later this year.

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