“Electronic Cigarettes Or Traditional Cigarettes? By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

  •  40 million adults in the United States still smoke despite the numerous health hazards of traditional cigarettes.

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In the United States, cigarettes are responsible for nearly 1 in 5 deaths. And as a result there are still about 480,000 early deaths each year. Nicotine cigarettes have also been linked to almost every known cancer. Therefore it is safe to assume on the strength of these obvious facts that most still smoke. People addicted to nicotine, smoke out of addiction to the nicotine than choice.

 Smoke from real cigarettes can be very harmful to non- smokers when inhaled. Wearing nicotine patches haven’t proven effective. All the creative inhalers have failed most. There are still better and less-harmful alternatives to traditional cigarettes. E-cigs make quitting smoking a pleasure.

E-cigarettes are what readily come to mind. Furthermore there are still ongoing debates by health experts that E-cigs are a perfect replacement to traditional cigarettes. There are still some remarkable benefits of Electronic cigarettes which are less debatable. Comparing e-cigarettes with traditional cigarettes you get either nicotine smoke or nicotine vapor. Therefore which would you choose. There are still plenty of people who choose E-Cigs because they don’t cost as much and healthier.

  •  E-Cigarettes Help Break Nicotine Addiction:Image result for images of traditional cigarettes

    Addiction to Nicotine can be deadly over the years. More people have failed quitting smoking cigarettes than there are that have succeeded.  Among the many that have stopped the traditional habit, quite a number have relapsed.

The symptoms of Nicotine withdrawal can be strong and the nicotine can cause people to relapse very often. In addition, with e-cigarettes the symptoms can be softened unlike traditional. The process of weaning yourself away from the nicotine addiction can be difficult. Therefore, combating the physical addiction to the nicotine drug at the same time.

Most Addicted smokers go for the highest level of nicotine strength e-cigarettes they can get their hands on. This is a normal approach as a drastic drop in nicotine will affect the body. Quitting traditional cigarettes suddenly would have much the same effect. However, dropping the Nicotine strength gradually will help the body readjust gradually. The body readjusts, hence not requiring Nicotine to function.

This process can be followed with e-cigarettes reducing the nicotine strength of your e-liquids. In conclusion it can wean you of the traditional Nicotine addiction, quitting smoking altogether.

  •  You Have A Lot More Freedom:Image result for images of e-cigarettes

 Unlike traditional cigarettes e-cigarettes can be vaped anywhere. This may include restaurants, offices, hotels or public places. You will not have to avoid “no-smoking zones” or have to go outside in order to smoke. E-cigs can be vaped anywhere and at any time without fears of harassment, arrest or complaints. E-cigarettes produce vapors only and are completely smokeless unlike traditional.

Most people will agree that the smoke from traditional cigarettes can be offensive and irritating. But, with these smokeless e-cigs in place, vapers can confidently vape freely without causing any inconvenience to others.

  •  E-Cigarettes are Much More Discreet:

Not all smokers choose to let the public know that they actually smoke e-cigarettes.

Unlike traditional cigarettes, E-cigs doesn’t leave any lingering aroma after vaping.

Vapers can be discreet and maintain whatever reputation they want to protect. Consequently avoiding an offensive breath and smelling like an ash tray.

  •  E-Cigars Give A Less Lethal Pleasure:

Cigarettes full of nicotine give pleasure to users… pleasure that has proven lethal in traditional smoking. E-cigs give a different kind of pleasure. There are a variety of flavors, including cherry, vanilla, strawberry and much more. This variety of flavors gives the vaper an intense and safer feeling of pleasure while vaping unlike traditional cigarettes.

 You can choose your e-liquid and the strength of the nicotine. When inhaled, the vapor tends to seem nourishing and appetizing. Unlike traditional cigarettes, which give off smoke with an offensive smell. Quitting smoking and going to vaping is a plus.

  •  Unlike Traditional; E-cigs don’t Cost as Much:Image result for images of money


Electronic Cigarettes come in a variety of styles and colors and won’t cost as much. You can check out our E-cig sites offered by E-cig brands before purchase. There are Some E-cigarettes designed to look like cell phones, ballpoint pens, and pipes. While E-cigarettes are designed to look like the regular cigarette sticks in color, shape and size. Unlike traditional cigarettes there are so many options.

Furthermore, they don’t cost as much. Smoking traditional cigarettes is about twice the cost of electronic smoking. For instance, an e-cig starter kit with its cartomizers and batteries could cost as much as $20 or $40. Unlike traditional, which will cost as much as $10.00 a pack.

  •  E-Cigs are Clean and do not Pollute:

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Cigarettes cause fire outbreaks.  Furthermore, when a burning cigarette gets in contact with cloth materials and inflammable substances, they always lead to emergencies. Traditional cigarettes claim lives and properties.

 E-cigarettes produce vapor not fire. E-cigs use batteries and so they tend to reduce the level of loss and pollution caused by traditional cigarettes. Another reason for quitting smoking.

While the aim and the desirable goal is to stop smoking and the excessive and unhealthy intake of Nicotine. E-cigs are clearly a more desirable alternative unlike traditional cigarettes. The fact nicotine vapor products also help aid easy withdrawal from the nicotine. With e-cigarettes, the strength of the nicotine can be controlled unlike traditional cigarettes.

Try out our quality nicotine vapor products and start breathing again!  To learn more just click a link or the banner on the side. In the real world there are still traditional smokers. In conclusion E-Cigs won’t cost as much and are much healthier so click a link and say vape on !