“Stop Equating Vaping with Smoking it Does Not Help:”

  • E-Cigarettes are Replacing Traditional Cigarettes:

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First of all, when you walk down the streets of any major city you see more people using e-cigarettes. Furthermore, as they hustle down the street or outside a bar you see them enjoying their e-cigarettes. In addition, these e-cigs have replaced their previous form of tobacco intake, the cigarette. While politicians are trying to ban e-cigs and vaping from public places, people are quitting the smoking habit. As a result, you quickly feel connected to these people that are trying to quit smoking, using e-cigs and vaping. Most noteworthy, you might have your own long and complicated habit with smoking cigarettes.

  • Stop Smoking Cigarettes:



Most people have tried everything to break the smoking habit with poor results. It seems like people who try the patch and the gum or have tried hypnosis and Wellbutrin failed. Especially relevant, all of the replacements and strategies have not helped people quit smoking and now there’s hope. Therefore, there is an excitement and optimism about kicking the smoking habit using e-cigs and vaping.

  • Smokers Aren’t Morons:Image result for images that quote stop smoking cigarettes


E-cigs and vaping have gained popularity for people who like smoking and are trying to quit. Smokers aren’t morons. In addition, millions of smokers will choose a safer model for nicotine intake. Finally, the fact that my website has e-cigs and can be purchased at most stores makes it easy. For those who want to keep illness at bay e-cigs and vaping products are proving to be the safest alternative. Most noteworthy, vaping shops like the Henley Vaporium in Soho are becoming more popular around the world. These shops allow former smokers to relax and hang out. In addition, people are trying different flavors, bonding with others who have quit smoking, and encouraging a healthier life style.

  • Beating Their Drums:Image result for images of people beating their drums


Yet instead of cheering the great news that millions are now quitting smoking, it’s the opposite.  First of all, the health and anti-smoking fields are beating the drums against e-cigs and vaping. Furthermore, they know millions are now quitting smoking yet they claim e-cigs and vaping are no better. Greedy politicians and anti-smoking lobbyists (Legal Bribery) are ignoring the emerging evidence. While vaping is safer than smoking these illusionists are trying to equate the two activities. Consequently, Cities are passing the same laws against vaping as against smoking to increase taxes and raise prices.

  • Passing Rediculous Laws:Image result for images of lethargic judges


Most noteworthy, we are seeing cities passing laws against e-cigs in public places, including beaches and parks. They are sending a message that e-gigs are bad and people shouldn’t be exposed to them. Finally, second hand smoke is no longer harmful to people who are vaping e-cigs. First of all, they are trying to Stigmatize and limit e-cigs and vaping like the smoking habit. Furthermore, vaping in the privacy of your own office is your business even if you still have the smoking habit. If people want to vape e-cigs in the privacy of their office why shouldn’t they be able to?

  • Other Bans on Vaping E-Cigs are on the Horizon:


Therefore, other bans on vaping e-cigs are on the horizon. States will copy New Jersey and begin banning e-cigarettes for those under 21. Discouraging 17-year-old smokers that are trying to give up smoking cigarettes is Ludacris and harmful. Would we really want to discourage a 20-year-old smoker to give up cigarettes and switch to e-cigs? Fortunately there are health professionals and doctors that have researched e-cigs and vaping. While sending a letter to the head of the World Health Organization, dozens of experts converged. As a result, urged them to stop smoking cigarettes and embrace e-cigs as a life saver. E-cigarettes could be among the most significant health innovations of the 21st century. Therefore, the group said, we will be saving hundreds of millions of lives.

  • Anti Smoking Advocates are Political Gerbils:

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Anti-smoking advocates need to get a life. In conclusion, they are trying to demonize smoking and wage a war against e-cigs. A practice that accomplishes the goal of reducing or eliminating people’s smoking should be enforced. In conclusion, helping millions of people stop smoking cigarettes should not be restricted and stigmatized.


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