“Celebrities are Loving E-Cigarettes and Vapor Products:”


  • Celebrities have been Vaping for Years:


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Most noteworthy, when it comes to celebrities and electronic-cigarettes, the list is long. Furthermore, celebrities like Bruno Mars, Kevin Connolly, Steven Dorff, Jenny McCarthy and Leonardo Dicaprio love their electronic cigarettes. Celebrities have been promoting the electronic cigarette because they know tobacco smoke is a killer. Furthermore, enjoying your electronic cigarette is not bad for society. Finally, celebrities have been on electronic cigarettes because they were former smokers who know the electronic cigarette  is safer.

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In addition, Katherine Heigl made an appearance on the David Letterman Show and started puffing away on her e-cigarettes. Consequently, this was a few years ago before vaping e-cigarettes hit the mainstream like it has today. David Letterman even took a few puffs on the electronic cigarette. This was the beginning of the e-cigarettes popularity with celebrities.

  • Signing on as Investors:

Recently, popular celebrities have been spotted and photographed using e-cigarettes. As a result, celebrities have been endorsing the electronic cigarettes and liquid nicotine products. Jenny McCarthy and Stephan Dorff endorse the Blu eCigs brand. Especially relevant, celebrities like Musician Bruno Mars are signing on as investors in the electronic cigarette company NJOY E-Lites. Bruno Mars made a cameo appearance in a music video by Lily Allen one of the UK’s biggest stars. Furthermore, Trace Cyrus has been seen in the electronic circle vaping e-cigarettes. Therefore, celebrities vaping electronic cigarettes go on…and on.

  • Politicians are Opportunists:



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The electronic cigarette trend has angered the politicians. A few U.S. Senators raised concerns after the recent Golden Globe Awards. Most noteworthy, during the ceremony several celebrities were seen vaping away on electronic cigarettes. In addition, these greedy Senators claimed Hollywood was glamorizing smoking. In conclusion, these powerful politicians urged Hollywood not to allow e-cigarettes to appear at future shows. But do they have the right?


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The electronic cigarette was introduced to the U.S. market in 2007 and is an alternative to smoking tobacco. E-cigarettes can look like regular cigarettes and contain no tobacco. First of all, electronic cigarettes have a mechanism that heats up liquid nicotine which turns into a vapor. Smokers inhale and exhale the vapor not the smoke. These e-cigarettes don’t give off second-hand smoke and they still contain nicotine.

  • Anti Smoking Advocates are Political Weasels:

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Because they are tobacco-less, tobacco laws don’t apply, but politics and greedy agendas are starting to take over. While electronic cigarettes offer many advantages over traditional cigarettes the manufacturers have to deal with anti-smoking advocates. First of all, there haven’t been enough tests. To know what possible side effects inhaling nicotine vapor poses, do the math. In conclusion, smoking tobacco produces tar while vapor does not. Most of all, calling for tight regulations on e-cigarettes without any proof these devices are harmful is political jargon. They deemed e-cigarettes illegal.  Research trials have proved e-cigarettes to be safe.   Hence, smoking cigarettes can reap havoc on your health. Consequently, electronic cigarettes help to quit smoking cigarettes.

 In conclusion, anything that gets people to quit smoking cigarettes is beneficial to society. While the anti-smoking advocates claim that celebrities are ‘glorifying’ smoking, people are quitting tobacco  {a real killer}.


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