“Smokers are being Charged More for Healthcare with Obamacare:”

  • Charging High Premiums for Tobacco Users is a Big Mistake for Low Cost Insurance :


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Most noteworthy, the Affordable Care Act allows low-cost insurance companies to charge higher premiums to tobacco users. A study suggests these rules are undermining the law’s aim of expanding health coverage. In addition, smokers eligible for Obamacare were less likely to have health coverage than nonsmokers. Yale University Researchers analyzed data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other sources. Furthermore, the Affordable Care Act prohibits health insurance companies to set prices based on health status and medical history. The Affordable Care Act also includes a ban on rejecting customers with pre-existing conditions.

  • Smokers are Charged up to One and a Half Times the Price for Their Health Coverage:


 The exception to the rule is tobacco users are charged one and a half times the price. In addition, a non-smoker pays for the same insurance plan and pays affordable rates than smokers. The argument behind the health insurance policy is people who smoke tobacco generally have higher long-term health care costs. Therefore, tobacco users should be made to pay more. Smokers in states with high surcharges will not use affordable care. In addition, the higher premiums are meant to serve as an incentive to quit using tobacco.  Another rule in the Affordable Care Act states that insurers have to cover smoker cessation programs without charging copayments.

  • The American Cancer Society:

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Two years ago A Gallup found that 58 percent of Americans believe higher health insurance premiums for smokers are “justified. Furthermore, anti-smoking organizations don’t believe smokers should pay more for health insurance. The American Cancer Society and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids have warned about surcharges on health insurance for tobacco. The organizations claim the smoker will remain uninsured because they can’t afford the coverage. Thus, tobacco users would continue to struggle to get medical care and tobacco cessation programs.

  • Smokers are Struggling to get Low Cost Health Insurance:

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In conclusion, a new study confirmed tobacco users are struggling to get insurance. Obamacare has brought the national uninsured rate down. Especially relevant, the new health insurance appears to have left some tobacco users behind. The new analysis on the smoker suggests this is true. Most noteworthy, tobacco users will report that they don’t use tobacco to avoid the higher cost of health insurance. Obamacare’s low cost insurance will not insure the smoker.

  • Obamacare is and was Failing:


 Smoking is popular with lower-income people. Obamacare is failing. In addition, according to the CDC data, more than one-quarter of people below the poverty line use tobacco. Furthermore, only 15 percent of Americans with higher incomes are tobacco users. In 2008, Gallup also found strong evidence between income and smoking. Consequently, the Affordable Care Act allows insurers to charge tobacco users 50 percent more than nonsmokers.  Most states have established lower maximum surcharges for low cost insurance. As a result, six states did away with the extra cost to tobacco users entirely.

  • Moderate Incomes Have a Hard Time Paying the Tobacco Surcharge:

Most of all, people with low and moderate incomes can’t pay the tobacco surcharge using the health insurance tax credits. Most noteworthy, Yale researchers found, the size of the surcharge plays a major role in driving down health insurance enrolments. This is similar to smokers in states without surcharges for low-cost insurance.

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As health insurance Company’s raise the cost of surcharges, the effects become more dramatic. Furthermore, smokers in states with surcharges are unlikely to have affordable care. Coverage among smokers in states with tobacco surcharges is lower than for smokers in states with no surcharge. In addition, the study found smokers under 40 are prone to go uninsured rather than buy health insurance. In other words, younger adults with high-surcharges were 19.9 percentage points less likely to get insurance. Therefore, smokers in the same age range with little or no surcharge are more likely to have health coverage.

  • Young Smokers are Less Costly to Insure:

Young tobacco users are generally less costly to insure than older people in the short-term. According to a 2014 University of Tennessee study — the surcharge policy may be keeping away the customers most needed. In conclusion, stabilizing the health insurance market and keeping down premiums for everyone who uses an exchange. Furthermore, it is less expensive for tobacco users than for non-users to go without health insurance. The Affordable Care Act’s rules require everyone to have health coverage or pay a fine, but there are exceptions.

One exception is that anyone with health insurance that costs more than 8 percent of household income is exempt. The University of Tennessee study found tobacco smokers in affordable care more likely to find coverage UN affordable. In conclusion, the Obamacare tobacco cessation program covered has failed. Because of the surcharges, the affordable care act for smokers is failing.  Therefore, smokers in states with surcharges were less likely to participate in quitting programs than smokers in no-surcharge states.

  • Low Cost Insurance is a Good Reason to Quit Smoking:

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Especially relevant, tobacco surcharges increased neither smoking cessation nor financial protection from high health care costs. Therefore, the primary goal of the Affordable Care Act was a failure. Low cost insurance has failed.

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