A Ground Breaking New E-Cigarette Experiment by the Mayo Clinic Reveals Good Results:

  • Medical Research is Proof:

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When it comes to research in the United States, there is no other Clinic more respected than Mayo Clinic. New information about cigarette smoke is released by doctors at Mayo clinic. Patients listen because they know this Clinic is trustworthy and on the cutting edge of medical research. Recently, the Mayo Clinic released results from the study on smoking cessation and electronic nicotine.

Smokers face far higher risks of complications following surgery. Researchers decided to offer patients “electronic nicotine delivery devices” both before and after their surgeries. The goal was to see if the nicotine delivery services could help patients successfully reduce tobacco consumption. This way the patients at Mayo Clinic can eventually eliminate tobacco and cigarette smoke consumption for good.

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Patients who were facing upcoming elective surgeries were provided with the “electronic nicotine delivery” devices. Patients used electronic nicotine delivery for smoking cessation. Researchers in the study kept records of patient tobacco consumption and behavioral changes while using the e-cigs. The study was followed up 30-days later to see if electronic nicotine had made any significant change.

At the time of follow-up, the Mayo Clinic team found that 17 percent had already completely quit smoking. 51 percent of patients said they intended to continue using electronic nicotine devices in the future. In addition, cigarette consumption was drastically reduced when patients had access to e-cigarettes. Average cigarette consumption decreased from 15.6 per person to 7.6 the mayo concluded. Results over the study period show electronic nicotine delivery works. Ultimately, researchers said that e-cig use is feasible and well-accepted in surgical patients.

  • E-Cigarettes are Helping Smokers Quit:

This is the first time we’ve seen a prestigious Clinic praise electronic nicotine delivery for their patients. Mayo was successful with their patients facing surgery. Other doctors might feel more confident to recommend e-cigarettes to their patients. The medical community is well aware that other nicotine delivery services just aren’t that effective. All signs show that e-cigs can work and actually make a remarkable difference. In a relatively short period of time. Tobacco consumption for example will go down.

Consequently I think other doctors will be more accepting of e-cigarettes not cigarette smoke. The Mayo Clinic achieved good results. Well in my opinion, this could change the public perception of e-cigs in the United States. Mayo has started a trend that might end tobacco consumption for good. We need another Clinic to do the same study with new patients to close the deal. Places like the Mayo Clinic keep the bought and paid for F.D.A. at bay.

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Furthermore, hear is some good news for people who vape.  Mayo clinic helps us as a community to fight the F.D.A. With this research, proof that vaping is a lot safer than tobacco consumption for all of us is here. As long as there are volunteers for more studies on tobacco consumption I feel e-cigarettes will be the norm.

  • Use High Quality E-Cigarettes:

In conclusion, places like Mayo clinic are just the tip of the iceberg. furthermore we are finding out more positive information about electronic nicotine delivery. People are cutting down on tobacco consumption for vapor products therefore eventually will quit all together. My wife stopped smoking using vapor products with great results. E-cigarettes are very impressive. I decided to take it a step further.

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