“Philip Morris is Getting Ready to Promote the iQOS E-Cig Using Real Tobacco:

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First of all, Philip Morris International Inc. is one of the largest tobacco companies in the world. Furthermore, there is a growing appetite for alternatives to traditional smokes like e-cigarettes. Philip Morris has a new Marlboro-branded stop smoking product that heats tobacco rather than burning it. Philip Morris, detailed its plans to release the Marlboro HeatSticks in cities in Japan and Italy later this year. With further expansion plans, the second largest tobacco company is moving forward. Furthermore, (introduced in the 1990s), the products represent improved heating technologies that failed in the same error.

  • How the iQOS Works:

The tobacco e-cigarettes are heated to a maximum of 660 degrees Fahrenheit in a hollow pen-like device called iQOS. Especially relevant, this creates a tobacco-flavored nicotine vapor making it taste like traditional cigarettes. HeatSticks contain real tobacco unlike e-cigarettes that use liquid nicotine. Philip Morris international believes the real tobacco will make them more attractive to cigarette smokers. Therefore, Philip Morris International plans to test the e-cigarettes and other products as the industry diversifies beyond traditional cigarettes. There is a declining demand for traditional cigarettes and Philip Morris is moving in the right direction.

  • A New Shift for the Industry:

Image result for images of the iQOS e-cigarette

Products like the HeatSticks represent a new shift for the industry. In addition, public health and adult smokers will benefit from the products while being good alternatives to traditional cigarettes. Most noteworthy, Philip Morris International has spent about $2 billion over more than a decade on development of the products. Furthermore, when sales reach 30 billion units Philip Morris will see a profit of 700 million from the iQOS e-cigarettes. Alternatives to traditional cigarettes are the future. The overseas Marlboro maker is investing $680 million for two plants in Italy, therefore making more products.

  • Philip Morris bought Nicocigs Ltd:

In addition to its own alternatives to traditional cigarettes, Morris purchased e-cigarette maker Nicocigs Ltd. Philip Morris International did not disclose the financial terms of the purchase. Especially relevant, the e-cigarettes in the 1990’s didn’t go over well with smokers.  Heating tobacco rather than burning it was a great concept to traditional cigarettes. The old e-cigarettes tasted different than cigarettes and were not easy to use. Most noteworthy, the products left no lingering odor and didn’t produce ashes.

  • Expanding the E-Cigarette Industry:

The expanding e-cigarette industry has tobacco companies hoping for a growth of the technologies. Philip Morris International knows that iQOS is less harmful than lighting up traditional cigarettes. Furthermore, traditional cigarettes are a hazard to your health and society knows this. As a result, many of the world’s 1 billion smokers want to quit or try tobacco alternatives. In the U.S., 42 million smokers try to quit cigarettes each year. In more recent years, people know that nicotine gum and patches do not work. E-cigarettes have the smokers attention for use in quitting traditional cigarettes. Most noteworthy, the first e-cigarette was test-marketed back in the 1990’s.  The tobacco product was produced by Philip Morris USA. In the U.S., Morris which spun off its international business in 2008 and is owned by the Atria Group Inc.

  • E-Cigarette Technology has Gone a Long Way:Image result for images of you have come a long way

Competitor R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. introduced the Eclipse cigarette in the 1990’s. The tobacco product uses a carbon tip to heat the tobacco. In addition, the Eclipse was  a stop smoking product. Tobacco heating cigarettes are common compared to electronic cigarettes back then. R.J. Reynolds hasn’t made plans to reinvent the Eclipse. Furthermore,  Philip Morris International and Altria are sharing their technology for electronic cigarettes and other new alternatives to traditional cigarettes. Especially relevant, Philip Morris International knows the product is less risky than traditional cigarettes. Finally, Morris will apply to the Food and Drug Administration in the U.S. Therefore, marketing them as safe alternatives to traditional cigarettes is the game plan.

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