“When you Quit Smoking and turn to Vaping your Health Improves Greatly:”

  • U.S. Regulators are trying to Crush the Vaping Industry:Image result for us regulators trying to crush the vaping industry

U.S. regulators want to crush the electronic cigarette industry. But U.S. regulators have to slow down in the wake of a joint study on vaping products. Furthermore, researchers from the U. K. revealed that switching to vaping considerably cuts health risks. Therefore, when you stop smoking and turn to vaping your health improves. In addition, researchers from the U.K. and the U.S. and the CDC are involved in the study.  The researchers studied people who switched from tobacco cigarettes to vaping products. People who switched from smoking to vaping had improved their health. Consequently, their health was substantially improved than if they continued. Smoking effects health. 

  • Smoking is Poison and Vaping is health:

The Annals of Internal Medicine documented the study. As a result, when you switch to vaping a mega reduction in toxic chemicals and carcinogens are found. Furthermore, smoking effects health and illnesses were reduced after switching to vaping products.  Most noteworthy, here are the institutes the researchers came from. University College London, Roswell Park Cancer Institute in New York and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). All the researchers participated in the study, which refutes recent assertions from the surgeon general and CDC. The surgeon general said vaping was harmful to health and a gateway to smoking traditional cigarettes. If you want good health, stop smoking and go to vaping.

  • The U.K. endorces the sale of Vaping Products because Smoking Effects Health:Image result for smoking effects health

Especially relevant, the U.K. endorses the sale of vaping products as a healthy alternative to smoking. This is in stark contrast to U.S. policy. In the UK they rely on science that says vapor products are 95 percent safer than combustible cigarettes. In addition, the U.K. believes our government needs to be promoting them, not restricting them. The U.K. has a mindset, based upon science. The knowledge that vaping products are safe is public knowledge in the U.K. In the U.K. health is a priority. The CDC released a bogus report Dec. 8.  The report claimed vaping was unhealthy and vaping posed a significant risk to youth. Therefore, Districts across the U.S. are regulating vaping the same way as traditional cigarettes. These greedy politicians are slapping the vaping industry with taxes as high as 40 percent.

  • The Royal College of Physicians know Smoking Effects Health:Image result for the royal college of physicians

Despite the corrupt U.S. regulators, major health groups in England, like the Royal College of Physicians know better. The Royal College of Physicians agrees that using vapor products  eliminates the harms attributed to smoking. They also recommend vaping to avid smokers trying to quit smoking traditional tobacco products. A study from Public Health England was done in 2016.  The study found that 2.6 million e-cigarette users in the U.K. are former or current smokers. In the U.K., the current smokers are using vapor products to quit smoking.

  • The U.S. Surgeon General is worse than the FDA:Image result for the us surgeon general

We have a scientific community in the U.S. Furthermore, government agencies have pretended as if they don’t have enough information on vaping products. Yet, the Royal College of Physicians has proven vaping products to be safe. The Royal College of Physicians is the most esteemed medical bodies in the world. The Royal College of Physicians, coming to the conclusion they did only proves the surgeon general has agendas. In addition, what the U.S. government agencies said about vaping products cannot be true. Smoking is poison and vaping is health.

  • An Uphill battle against Regulators:

The vaping industry faces an uphill battle against regulators like the FDA. The FDA passed a law forcing e-cigarette vendors to submit a pre-market tobacco application. Also, this pre-market tobacco application is for each of the products the vaping stores sell. Under the FDA rule, vaping stores and manufactures will have until Aug. 8, 2018. Hence, the vaping stores will have till then   to submit the applications for their vaping products. This FDA shakedown is a disgrace. Many stores will go out of business due to the application costs. The costs range from $100,000 to $400,000 dollars each. In the U.K. the Royal College of Physicians are honest.

  • Politicians eased up, but not Enough:Image result for politicians lying

Republican Rep. Tom Cole and Democratic Rep. Sanford Bishop did the right thing. In conclusion, the FDA cannot force manufacturers to submit products for approval if they are already on the market. Smoking effects health and new smoking cessation products will be regulated by the FDA.  They claim the law will keep thousands of vaping shops and manufacturers in business. After all the evidence, putting smoking in the same category as vaping is a good example of greed. What the U.S. needs is another Royal College of Physicians for smoking cessation. Smoking effects health.

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