“Start Vaping for your Health and Quit Smoking Cigarettes!”

  • The Bad Decision was to Start Smoking:

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Most noteworthy, when you decided to smoke your first cigarette it was the dumbest decision you ever made. Furthermore, smoking cigarettes starts as a fun way to kill time while it slowly takes over your life. People who are addicted to cigarettes give up their freedom. Your next cigarette is always on your mind not your health. In addition, you avoid people who may interfere with cigarette smoking. The unbearable feeling of guilt is always haunting you. Smelling like you rolled around in an ashtray while entering a room full of people can be devastating.

  • It’s not Easy to Quit Smoking Cigarettes:Image result for quit cigarettes

First of all, most people will tell you, when they tried to quit smoking it was real hard. In fact, the people who try to quit the habit have a success rate of 6%. Therefore, only 6 out of 100 people who quit smoking are successful. The numbers may seem discouraging but the success rate is climbing because of other alternatives. Especially relevant, you are the only one that can help you quit smoking.  The only thing that is standing in your way is you, and it’s time to move aside. When you quit smoking it will be you that did it. Your health and longevity is at stake.

  • There are Different Ways to Quit Smoking:

There are numerous techniques that people use to quit smoking. No technique to help quit smoking looks the same, but the best ones end the same. In addition, substituting candy in place of the smoking habit is one way to achieve success. What works for one guy may not work for the next guy. Most noteworthy, when you quit smoking cigarettes, replacing your smoking habit with another bad habit is stupid. A lot of people that quit smoking pick up chewing tobacco as a replacement for cigarettes. Chewing tobacco does not harm their lungs but it harms other parts of their body. This is counterproductive for people who used this approach, so don’t go down that road.

  • Vaping is the Best Way to Kick the Habit:Image result for vaping to quit smoking

Consequently, a great alternative to smoking is vaping. Vaping has been controversial but the studies show breathing vapor is the same as breathing air. There are conflicting ideas on whether vaping is better for your health. All this has to do with greed and politics. Vaping is a fairly new concept. The vape shops are making money. Furthermore, greedy politicians are looking to raise the prices and tax the vapor products. One of the many benefits of this alternative is the lack of smoke inhalation.

  • Vapor is Not Smoke:


Inhaling smoke causes lung cancer by changing the cells in the lungs. The maker of the documentary “A Billion Lives” challenges those who oppose vaping. Philip Morris, will profit and take over the vaping industry if these greed monsters get their way. He also states that most of them are supporters of  smoking cigarettes and its market.

First of all, you can quit cold turkey and use will power to quit smoking cigarettes. To quit smoking cold turkey can be hard and unattainable. Most people started smoking in high school. Furthermore, it was a way to defy their parents and impress friends. The older you get, the more you get sucked   into smoking and it gets harder to quit. Year after year people kick themselves for smoking.

  • You have to be Tough:Image result for you have to be tough to quit smoking cigarettes

People put off quitting because of how hard it is going to be. Well one day you can try to say enough is enough and you quit smoking cigarettes. Just like that. But in the real world it’s harder to quit smoking than it sounds. Sometimes you need to take a good hard look at yourself and make a decision. The people who decided to quit smoking will say it was hard, but they pushed through on willpower and hope. In my opinion you can turn to vaping to quit smoking for you and for your health.

  • It does’nt Matter how you Quit Smoking Cigarettes just do it:Image result for images that say quit smoking cigarettes

 It doesn’t matter how you quit smoking. All that matters is you quit smoking for your health. Once you quit, you have people who care about you and a chance for your health to improve. In conclusion, people who smoke can spend their later years hooked up to an oxygen tank. Most noteworthy, just be strong and face those fears for your health and your future. In addition, trying to quit can be scary with that fear of failure in the back of your mind. You have to say failure is not an option. People who quit smoking will take their future back and kick the cigs to the curb. Consequently, if you quit smoking cigarettes your health will improve and your quality of life.

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  • Vaping has the biggest success rate to quit smoking cigarettes and we have the best e-cigs and vapor products. The studies show people that vape have no ill effects.