“How can Vaping be Banned when it Saves Lives:”

  • Cigarettes are poison; Smokers are giving up smoking cigarettes and turning to vapor:


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First of all, a lot of young people don’t vape the fluids containing nicotine. Furthermore, they prefer nicotine-free flavors such as strawberry cake and pear drops. In addition, public health in the western world is compromised by excessive consumption of unhealthy foods tobacco and alcohol. These marketed commodities exist because people enjoy them. Shareholders get rich and governments like the tax revenues they provide. Furthermore, vaping works as a quit smoking help.

These powerful corporations use industry blocs defending their rights to sell these products to the public. In addition, the Big Sugar industry does not want a sugar tax while going against the public health experts. The alcohol industry has mislead the pubic with false claims. This in addition, opposes the nanny state with their claims.

  • Where is the Evidence that E-Cigarettes are as Harmful as Smoking?

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Therefore, you would expect public health experts to be happy to discover that companies have decided to make safer products. E-cigarettes or vaping devices are a good example. However, instead of approving these products they come out with a series of scare stories. Furthermore, this disapproval has come from a vocal few who have no evidence that e-cigarettes are harmful. Most noteworthy, the vocal few can’t find flaws in the health benefits of switching to vaping from cigarette smoking. So they attack those who work in the field. Consequently, Margaret Cuomo has mislead the general public with fluff. The industry needs to rethink their strategy so the public can be told the truth.

  • E-Cigarettes are a quit smoking help:


In addition, there are claims that conflicts of interest have corrupted the evidence in the industry. Furthermore, scientists are told not to work with, or even talk to, the tobacco industry about developing vaping devices. Yet the very technology that the industry is now adopting was adopted by these scientists. Therefore, we should be encouraging the tobacco industry to pay attention because we know that vaping saves lives. Especially relevant, in the U.K. e-cigarettes are used as a quit smoking device. The industry in the U.K. has less political agendas and uses a quit smoking help called vaping.

  • Can We Trust Public Health Experts? Image result for images of mad doctors


There are some good reasons why we shouldn’t trust some public health experts. The general public is concerned that industries put profit over truth. Most noteworthy, the tobacco industry has lied to the public about the harmfulness and addictiveness of tobacco. So if big tobacco lied then why wouldn’t they continue to lie about these new products? Therefore, to deal with this concern we cannot ignore the tobacco industry. In addition, we should use the approach we take with the pharmaceutical industry. Holding the tobacco industry accountable for public safety is a start. We have to make sure big tobacco is not fudging about their product claims and research data.


Furthermore, there are claims that the tobacco industry is encouraging vaping. They say the tobacco industry is getting young people addicted to nicotine and then take up cigarette smoking. This political tactic will not succeed because most young vapers don’t vape nicotine-containing fluids.  Young people prefer nicotine-free flavors over tobacco flavors for their vaping habit. Most noteworthy, vaping is the reason why the tobacco habit has reached an all-time low.

  • Using Vaping as a Front:Image result for \images of big tobacco companies


There is concern that the tobacco industry is using vaping as a front. The regulations will put the small vapor companies out of business.  Therefore, only the tobacco industry will have the financial power to comply with all the testing required. Unfortunately, there is a good chance of this happening in the USA. The US food and drug administration makes rules that are bought and paid for. Consequently, this will make it impossible for small vaping companies to continue to trade.

  • In the U.K. They Have Better Policies:

In the UK, it’s possible to avoid this monopoly by incorporating Brexit to reject the European regulations. In addition, the public health community has a feeling about the tobacco industry achieving a monopoly. The public health experts say big tobacco will stop selling vaping products to rejuvenate the cigarette market. As a result, this has already happened in Malaysia and India. In conclusion, this is unlikely to happen in the UK, because vaping has already developed into a vast business.

  • The U.K. uses Common Sense:



Furthermore, the law could prevent tobacco companies from doing this. Hence, just like the regulations in the UK, they insist that low-alcohol products must be available wherever alcohol is sold. Added to this debate are the psychological issues surrounding decision-making in public health.  In addition, there are public health experts who feel vaping only brings harm to the public. Therefore, they want to remove it from the industry. Public health experts deny there are any benefits but most people would disagree. In the U.K. they use common sense to make the right decisions.

  • Banning Traditional Cigarettes will never Happen:

Finally, anti-tobacco health advocates know that banning cigarettes won’t happen. Most noteworthy, the US federal law has given the tobacco industry the right to sell cigarettes. Especially relevant, big tobacco is protected by law.  Anti-tobacco groups focus their efforts on banning vaping which is a less-established and less well-funded alternative. In conclusion, to allow tobacco smoking to continue while banning a much less harmful alternative is beyond stupid. Most public health experts know that vaping could help some people quit smoking tobacco. Vaping is a good quit smoking help.

  • In the U.K. Vaping ia a Major Benefit to Public Health:


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It is good to know that  public health experts in the U.K. have a different opinion on tobacco and vaping. Finally, in the U.K. they know that switching from cigarettes to vaping will be a major benefit to public health. Some authorities in Wales are using vaping as a tool to get tobacco smokers off cigarettes. Furthermore, this technology will help in cutting down cancer and heart disease. Hence, in time the evidence will convince vaping opponents that e-cigarettes are not tobacco smoke. Until then, we must not let public health or anti-smoking advocates limit the use of vaping. In conclusion, if we limit the use of vaping our fight against the danger of tobacco will be lost.


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