Margaret Cuomo was Caught Lying about the Effects of E-Cigarettes; Experts are not Happy:

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Margaret Cuomo M.D. produced a video for Huffington Post that had several false claims about e-cigarettes. As a result, various experts came out to criticize her conclusions. Margaret Cuomo made a video about how e-cigarettes are as harmful to your health as traditional cigarettes. First of all, Margaret Cuomo is a major contributor for Huffington Post. Furthermore, Margaret Cuomo claimed e-cigarettes are as harmful to your health as smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes with no proof. Hence, condoning recent flawed analyses equating vapor products with combustible forms of tobacco is Ludacris. Fortunately, there are experts to discredit her argument about e-cigarettes. People quit cigarette smoking with the help of  e-cigarettes.

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 Margaret Cuomo claims e-cigarettes are just as harmful to your health as traditional tobacco cigarettes. Furthermore, she goes on to say e-cigarettes have their own chemical composition and contain many harmful chemicals. Chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene, propylene glycol, and metals like cadmium, nickel, and zinc are in e-cigarettes. Traditional tobacco cigarettes do not contain these chemicals.Most noteworthy, experts pointed out that her statements are entirely inaccurate. The medical literature on the chemical composition of traditional tobacco cigarettes is extensive. Traditional cigarettes do contain formaldehyde, benzene, cadmium and nickel, while being a hazard to your health. Cigarettes and tobacco are old news, therefore we must use common sense to quit cigarette smoking.

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 In addition, medical e-cigarette experts are criticizing her remarks about cigarettes and tobacco. Especially relevant, Margaret Cuomo claims that e-cigarettes are just as harmful to your health as traditional tobacco cigarettes. Cigarettes are as harmful to your health as living in a polluted city and your health is everything. In conclusion, research suggests that there are toxicants in e-cigarettes at far lower levels than in smoked tobacco. Professor Linda Bauld, Deputy Director of the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies confirmed this fact.

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The statements from Margaret Cuomo about your health suggest otherwise, while being factually incorrect.  Furthermore, if clinicians used the statements in this video for discussing e-cigarettes with their patients, we should be concerned. Discouraging e-cigarette use will make things worse for your health, while condoning the use of cigarettes. Hence, all these misguided zealots think they are fighting a righteous battle that justifies lying. It is unfortunate these political gerbils lie for the greater good while they support the tobacco industry and promote smoking.

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 Especially relevant, experts on e-cigarettes fear videos like Cuomo’s. Therefore, this video will mislead the general public of the relative risks of smoking vs vaping. A practicing psychiatrist and lecturer at the Yale University School of Medicine had said the statements were appalling and ignorant. Most of all, watching this video full of misinformation reinforces all the other disinformation permeating the media. Unfortunately people will watch it and think there’s more evidence that these e-cigarettes are worse for people than traditional cigarettes. As a result, there is nothing good about misleading information because people will act on what they hear. Especially relevant, it is hard enough to quit cigarette smoking.

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Finally, a professor of health psychology wrote a recent paper showing how e-cigarettes have helped smokers quit tobacco. He agreed with Cuomo that marketing to children should be restricted. Consequently, he strongly disagreed with the content in of her video. Margaret Cuomo’s views about the relative risks of e-cigarette and traditional tobacco cigarettes are far from accurate. In conclusion, even the most ardent opponents of e-cigarettes don’t believe that they are as harmful as tobacco cigarettes. Therefore, believing them to be substantially less harmful because the concentrations of the known toxins. The toxins in e-cigarettes are multiple times lower or not present at all.

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