“Vape Shops have a New Trend selling E-Cigarettes to Patients using Cannabis for Treatment:”

  • Vape Shops Have a New Customer:

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First of all, this summer will be very busy for American vape shops. In addition, local vape store owners are trying out a new customer for more than just nicotine. New reports indicate vape shops are pro medical marijuana and selling e-cigs to a completely different market. Vape shops are selling e-cigs to medical marijuana patients. Furthermore, the vape industry is taking a chance selling e-cigs to medical marijuana patients. Even in the states that allow the use of medical marijuana. Hence, lawmakers are looking for an excuse to shut down e-cigs and vape shops. As a result, lawmakers will believe that vapers are using e-cigs for marijuana. The campaign to squash vaping will be fast and powerful.

  • How it Happened:

 A Connecticut vape shop started the trend. The vape shop sells e-cigs to medical marijuana patients because they use the e-cigs for marijuana use. The vape shop said they didn’t intend to sell e-cigs to local marijuana users. Especially relevant, it gravitated in that direction thanks to referrals from a nearby dispensary. Furthermore, the vape shop won’t turn any business away because of the extra profit. Thanks to the new incursion into medical marijuana devices profits are skyrocketing. In addition, business is going really well, and getting better every month.

  • Pro Medical Marijuana Vape Shop Owners are taking Advantage of the Situation:Image result for pro medical marijuana vape shops

 Vape shop owners are taking advantage of the situation. Because medical marijuana is big business vape shops will cash in. The market research report projected medical marijuana sales would hit $13.4 billion by 2020. Especially relevant, sales are climbing   due to the increasing demand for medical marijuana. Cannabis sales could reach $35 billion if all 50 states legalize marijuana. Furthermore, medical marijuana is legal in 23 states. Doctors prescribe cannabis oil to treat a variety of conditions. In addition, there are 15 states that allow patients to use cannabis to treat severe seizure disorders. Most noteworthy, recreational marijuana is only legal in four states. In addition, all the states should be pro medical marijuana. 

  • Using Cannabis Oil in Vaping Devices:Image result for vape shop owners selling e-cigs to medical marijuana patients

Using cannabis oil in vaping devices is a popular trend with medical marijuana users. Medical marijuana patients use cannabis oil because it lowers their legal risk. Many states prohibit medical marijuana patients from smoking marijuana. As a result, it is legal to use vaporizers because there is no combustion. Therefore, cannabis oil became a legal loophole to medical marijuana while pulling e-cigs into the market.

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Vaporized cannabis is used for medical marijuana patients and adults. In addition, a cannabis consultant claims it’s consistent and appropriate for a wide variety of consumers. In Oklahoma, the Palm Beach Vapors chain has opened 14 shops and is working on eight more. As a result, 90 percent of the vape shops intend to sell their devices to marijuana patients. The cannabis market will impersonate the tobacco market. Especially relevant, vaping cannabis oil is a safer alternative. Medical marijuana dispensaries sell vaping devices so medical marijuana patients can buy everything they need in one location.

  • There Could be Dire Consequences for the Pro Medical Marijuana Vape Shops:Image result for sessions on medical marijuana

In conclusion, medical cannabis might seem like a big improvement to the vaping industry. The bottom line is, there could be dire consequences. Selling e-cigs to marijuana patients will give the electronic cigarette industry an uphill battle. Furthermore, going against regulations and public usage bans of medical cannabis will be difficult. Vape shops know that selling e-cigs to marijuana patients can be a recipe for disaster. Do you think the vape shop should avoid selling e-cigs for the use of medical cannabis? In conclusion, vaping cannabis oil could hurt the vape shop in many ways. Politicians are looking at e-cig users to vape nicotine liquids as an alternative to tobacco. Especially relevant, e-cigs and medical marijuana are a good combination.

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