“The Verdict is out; Vaping is Much Safer than Smoking:”

  • Most noteworthy, a new study has reported that vaping is safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. Most people in the vaping community know this to be true:

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Furthermore, the study funded by Cancer Research UK has found some interesting data on vaping for nicotine replacement therapy. The study found that smokers can significantly reduce their intake of carcinogens and toxic chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. Most noteworthy, they have to quit smoking and stick with vaping as a nicotine replacement therapy. Smoking traditional cigarettes is out and nicotine replacement is in.

The study reviewed 181 former and current traditional smokers. The study asked the smokers questions about smoking cessation. Did the smokers use nicotine replacement therapies or vaping?  Furthermore, while checking for toxins they had to take urine and saliva samples. This was the former traditional smokers. The study measured nicotine consumption, toxins, and carcinogens. The lead researcher for the study concluded that his study shows a very important find. The study found lower levels of carcinogens and toxins. Consequently, when subjects used e-cigarettes the toxins in their blood reduced to 56 percent to 97 percent. The e-cigarette users stopped smoking completely, compared to traditional cigarette smokers.

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 Therefore, when you switch to vaping devices the cancer-causing toxins decrease. The toxins found in the bodies of traditional smokers’ bloodstreams decreased by 97 percent. As a result, this was achieved when traditional tobacco smokers switched completely to vape devices. The study has been hailed by the vaping community. In addition, vaping advocates say that the research proves that vaping can save lives. A study like this saves lives by giving people an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.

 The president of the American Vaping Association spoke to reporters about the study. He said that this study is a wakeup call to anti-smoking activists. Furthermore, these anti-smoking activists spent the past eight year’s trash talking nasty and outright incorrect rhetoric towards vapor products. Toxins found in the report were from traditional tobacco smoking. Most noteworthy, the study showcased that smokers who quit traditional cigarettes altogether would benefit from vaping. Furthermore, those who kept smoking and vaped at the same time did not fare as well. The people who were still smoking traditional cigarettes did not see a reduction in the toxins found in their bloodstreams.

  • Vaping Works when You Stop Smoking Traditional Cigarettes:Image result for images that say nicotine replacement

Because vaping only helps when used as the nicotine replacement therapy, hears the deal. If you are a smoker trying to quit traditional cigarettes and are still smoking, vaping does not offer many advantages. Therefore, the study has enticed anti-smoking critics to slam vaping e-cigarettes. Especially relevant, a senior scientific advisor to the American Lung Association has joined these critics.

There are a lot of people who promote the use of e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes and will help cut down on smoking. Therefore, when vaping they’ll get fewer toxins in their body. When discussing the study’s conclusion the scientific adviser didn’t agree with the study and its conclusion. He claims that e-cigarette users who smoked got as many toxins found in their body as those who just smoked. Most noteworthy, he is paid to lie. so the FDA can put a big tax on vaping and raise prices. Therefore, when prices go up the tax revenue does too.

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In conclusion, here is what he did not take into account when making his observations. You have to take into account that smokers are continuing to smoke traditional cigarettes alongside with vaping. In addition, they are still getting carcinogens and toxins from traditional cigarettes and not vaping products. Consequently, replacing traditional cigarettes with vaping, he would see a tremendous decline in the toxins found in a smoker’s bloodstream. The so called scientific adviser does not allow for this fact even when a study is proven to be true. Therefore, another study will be done on vapor.

  • We Don’t Want the FDA Regulating E-Cigarettes:Image result for images of people in the vaping community

In fact, the adviser says vaping products have not been approved by the FDA. In addition, he uses this as a reason not to use them as nicotine replacement therapy.  Furthermore, we all know that using an FDA-approved nicotine replacement therapy patch or lozenge does not work. As a result, he thought the FDA annalyzed e-cigarettes.  The FDA did not annalyze E-cigarettes. However, the lead researcher does not agree with the adviser’s observations. The proof is reliable with the declaration that switching to e-cigarettes significantly reduces the risk of future cancers. Especially relevant, compared to smoking, e-cigarettes are a safer alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. The toxins found in smoking traditional cigarettes can develop into smoking-related cancer. Vaping is a nicotine replacement therapy. The FDA should not regulate it.

  • Using Vaping with Smoking is Still Healthier than Just Smoking:

In conclusion, dual users, and other vape advocates still know reducing their cigarette habit by half is still a plus. While using vaping products, there was a decrease in toxins in their bloodstream. This is great news for any smoker who is having trouble quitting traditional cigarettes. Especially relevant, the study shows that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking. Vaping is also a great nicotine replacement therapy.

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