“Fat is Ugly and the Lean Physique is Pretty; By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

  • The Dadbod Campaign is a complete Joke:Image result for the dad bod campaign is a lie

First of all, when you browse the internet you will find an article scoffing at health and fitness. Furthermore, these articles scoff at guys who want to look good naked. The Dadbod campaign is the most ridiculous fad there ever was. In addition, it would seem that six packs are out and beer bellies are in. So, let’s cancel our gym memberships and throw out our stringers. Therefore, we can make our way down to the closest doughnut shop. Hence, running on Dunkin to drown our sorrows is always the American way.
  • Insecure People condone articles that Promote the Dadbod:Image result for the dadbod campaign

Consequently, insecure people will write and publish articles that condone the Dadbod. Furthermore, they justify their own lack of discipline and mediocrity. To look good and take care of your physical appearance is an admirable goal. Every man should have a lean physique women love. A good physique is awesome. Personally, I let others fall for the Dadbod debacle. And you know better, that’s why you’re reading this. There are many reasons why being lean is awesome. Being lean is the sign of a strong physically and mentally healthy man. In addition, Will Smith has a saying. “Stay ready so you ain’t gotta get ready.” And Will Smith has a good physique.
  • Be Lean, Healthy, and Strong:Image result for be lean healthy and strong


Being lean, healthy and strong is the best way to live. Furthermore, being lean will give you a mental fortitude as a result. You will be able to handle many adversities life has to offer. Consequently, there are a-lot of reasons why being lean is good. The fat guy always tires out. This is especially relevant with high body fat. He can’t walk up a flight of stairs without gasping for breath. He’ll blow out his back while picking up the grocery bags. These are just some of the reasons why being lean is a smart move.
  • You can do a-lot more things when you have a Lean Physique:

Your lean body becomes a lot more resilient as a result. Being lean enables you to do things that other guys can’t do. In addition, you can have epic cheat days without ruining your physique. You don’t have to spend 3 months dieting because summer is coming. There is a-lot more reasons why being lean is important. The Dadbod aficionado’s will have you believe that women love the fat belly and no ass look. Women love the cover model look. Low body fat with a symmetrical physique and a lean and athletic body is what women love most of all.
  • A Lean Physique signifies traits of Virility:Image result for Pictures that quote lean physique

We’re not trying to go for the giant bodybuilder physique. Think more along the lines of Jason Stratham from the Expendables and Transporter series. In addition, a good physique signifies that you have traits of a virile mate. If a woman is insecure because you look good do not stay with her. You don’t need a woman like that. One of the greatest reasons why being lean is great is you can wear anything you want. Furthermore, being lean is wearing a T-shirt and a pair of jeans or sweatpants. You will look great because lean is pretty. Consequently, the Dadbod people claim that abs won’t give you confidence. I disagree. The better you look, the better you’re going to feel. In addition, women love a man that’s outgoing and confident. Hence, women love confidence. And being lean will get you there.
  • Training is Discipline:Image result for weight training is discipline

This confidence transcends the gym. Training teaches discipline and hard work which is especially relevant. Being lean is what translates to all areas of your life. Attaining your good physique will reciprocate to all other goals. First of all, if you can achieve one goal, you can achieve all your other goals. Consequently, maintaining a good lean, athletic physique is not that difficult. Once you have the physique you want, being lean is easy to maintain. There are so many reasons why being lean is smart and a good physique is beneficial.
  • The Lean Physique:

You learn about eating the right amount without having to track everything. Furthermore, you can overeat one day and not worry. Lean is missing a few days of training and worrying about losing muscle. Muscle is easy to maintain with a lean physique. Here’s another good reason why being lean is smart. You spend less time in the gym which is most noteworthy. You can keep your lean physique and enjoy life. In addition, you want to look good while eating a clean diet. Being lean is the key to your health. Consequently, we know that women love the cover model look. And you only have to have 10-12% body fat. Hence, being a healthy range for any guy. And women love a good physique.
  • Exercise and Eat Nutritious Foods:Image result for exercise and eat nutritious foods


First of all, your diet is important. But being lean is not just eating certain foods. Furthermore, another cause of obesity is due to a sedentary lifestyle. Being lean is exercising and eating right. Being lean is good nutrition, exercise and improved lifestyle habits. And sleep is one of them. Women love a man with energy. In addition, a good physique can move around the bedroom. In conclusion, I hope you can see the reasons why being lean and having a good physique is awesome. It’s not something to be ashamed of. Women love a good physique. Therefore, the Dadbod is like a fad diet. Let everyone else fall for the sensationalism. Keep training hard with your good physique. A good physique is not a fad. It’s part of a complete lifestyle.