“Relax with the Mineral Magnesium; By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

  • Magnesium Deficiency can be Fatal:Image result for public domain images of magnesium


First of all, a magnesium deficiency can cause health issues. Furthermore, a deficiency in this critical nutrient makes you twice as likely to die early. Low magnesium levels account for a long list of symptoms and diseases. In addition, we need magnesium in our diet to cure these symptoms and diseases. In fact, this mineral is one of the secret weapons against illness. Consequently, most Americans are deficient in this mineral. Magnesium is an antidote to stress. Furthermore, it’s the most powerful relaxation mineral available. Good magnesium levels can help improve your sleep. Doctors aren’t educated about the benefits of magnesium which is most noteworthy. Magnesium is used for conventional medicine. The mineral is important for our general health. In addition, it helps our bodies function better.
  • Optimize your Magnesium Levels:


Most doctors use magnesium in the emergency room. Most of all, the mineral is a critical medication on the crash cart. They use intravenous magnesium for life threatening injuries and irregular heartbeats. Magnesium helps patients with constipation and helps prepare for colonoscopy. In addition, magnesium helps pregnant women with pre-term labor. High blood pressure of pregnancy or seizures is treated with high doses of intravenous magnesium. Therefore, the benefits of magnesium are many. People see results while taking magnesium supplements. The benefits of magnesium outline many of the chronic illnesses. These illnesses are associated with low magnesium as a result. Therefore, you must optimize your magnesium levels.
  • Magnesium is a Relaxation Mineral:Image result for public domain images relax with magnesium


The magnesium mineral helps you relax. Magnesium deficiency makes you tight, irritable, crampy, and stiff. Your mood is a sign of magnesium deficiency which is especially relevant. This mineral is responsible for 300 enzyme reactions. In addition, the mineral is in your tissues. Our bones, muscles, and brain reap the benefits of magnesium. You must have good magnesium levels for your cells to make energy. Also, many different chemical pumps work to stabilize membranes with high magnesium levels. Furthermore, good magnesium levels help muscles relax. The list related to magnesium deficiency is long. In fact, there are 3,500 medical references on magnesium deficiency. Most of all, the mineral is ignored because it’s not a drug. The power of magnesium is stronger than drugs. Hence, life-threatening and emergency situations reap the benefits of magnesium. Seizures and heart conditions can be caused by low levels of the mineral.
  • Most People have a Deficiency:


Magnesium deficiency is linked to inflammation in the body. In addition, deficiency in the mineral is a huge problem. Consequently, most people have low magnesium levels. Sixty five percent of people admitted to the intensive care unit have mineral deficiency. Furthermore, fifteen percent of the population has magnesium deficiency. But this underestimates the problem. A serum magnesium level is a week way to detect a drop in your body magnesium level. So your magnesium deficiency could be higher. Here’s why we have a deficiency in the mineral. People eat a diet that contains no magnesium. In addition, we eat highly-processed food. A refined diet based on white flour, meat, and dairy lacks the mineral.
  • Coca Cola Dissolves the Mineral:Image result for public domain images of coca cola


Finally, you need a good dose of seaweed, nuts, greens, and beans for magnesium deficiency. Furthermore, most Americans eat chocolate peanut butter cups. Magnesium levels decrease from excess alcohol, salt, and coffee. Coca cola dissolves the mineral. Coca cola has phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid lowers magnesium levels as a result. Stress lowers the benefits of the mineral. Magnesium deficiency is chronic diarrhea, excessive menstruation, diuretics, antibiotics and other drugs. In addition, intestinal parasites dissolve the mineral.
  • The Body has a hard time absorbing the Mineral:


Consequently, the body has difficulty absorbing the mineral. We need to absorb the mineral. So our diet must be high in magnesium levels. Furthermore, we must get enough vitamin B6, vitamin D, and selenium to get the benefits of magnesium. The deficiency of an inexpensive, low-toxic mineral results in diseases. In addition, a deficiency in the mineral is causing a-lot of suffering throughout the world. Magnesium deficiency accounts for a-lot of suffering. So you must eat a healthy diet. Try to limit your coffee and alcohol consumption. In addition, do not ingest soda, salt, and sugar. Learn how to relax to keep the mineral working. In conclusion, toxic medications cause magnesium loss. High blood pressure drugs and diuretics cause loss of magnesium.


  • Foods High in Magnesium:Image result for public domain images of collard greens


Kelp, wheat bran, wheat germ, almonds, cashews, buckwheat, brazil nuts, filberts, millet, pecans, walnuts, rye, tofu, soy beans, brown rice, figs, dates, collard-greens, shrimp, avocado, parsley, beans, barley, dandelion greens, and garlic.