“If you want more Calcium try Mineral Water; By Weight Loss Made Simple:”


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First of all, drinking mineral water can be beneficial for your health.  Furthermore, the water can provide you with calcium.  The amount of calcium you get depends on how much is in it and how much water you drink. In addition, there was a study performed on calcium from mineral water. The researchers compared how well calcium was absorbed from three different brands of mineral water. They compared the water to milk and a calcium supplement. Twenty one men and women were the subjects of the study. As a result, there was no difference in how well calcium was absorbed from all five sources. Each source provided 300 mg of calcium.
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There is an advantage to getting calcium from mineral water. Milk and other dairy products are caloric. Furthermore, mineral water is non-caloric. And people avoid milk because they cannot tolerate lactose. In addition, a-lot of people do-not like the taste or texture of milk. However, the study found some interesting details about calcium from mineral water. Consequently, we want to get 1000 mg of calcium daily from mineral water. Consume two liters of the water and you will get your 1000 mg of calcium. Therefore, adults would have to consume two liters of the water. There is 500 mg of calcium per liter.
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The United States has a recommended amount of calcium for adults. The amount is 1300 mg per day. So it might be difficult to get all of it from the water. You would have to drink more water as a result. The research found the calcium content of some mineral water. The content can be as high as 500 mg per liter. And this depends on the source. Also, the bioavailability of calcium is much better than milk. Most of all, the calcium from the water may be better than it is from milk.
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First of all, most mineral waters list their calcium content on the label. So look for brands with 500 mg per liter. Two glasses of milk has 1000-1200 mg of calcium which is most noteworthy. In addition, you can get calcium from many food sources. You don’t need dairy products. Try leafy greens such as collard, mustard, kale, broccoli and bok-choy. Canned salmon and whole sardines have a good amount. Furthermore, tofu has a calcium compound. Also, soy milk is calcium fortified.  Fruit juice and cereals have calcium. Blackstrap molasses can be a good source too.
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In conclusion, mineral water is pleasant to drink. And evidence suggests it is beneficial to your health. Consequently, some people can’t rely on it to boost their calcium intake. Some brands have a high sodium content and should not be ingested by people with high blood pressure.