“The Cherry Tree and the Fruit it bares; By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

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First of all, there are various types of cherry trees. Furthermore, the cherry fruit belongs to the genus prunus and their edible fruit family. The cherries are mass-produced in a commercial environment. The production includes sour cherries which are frozen or canned. In addition, sour cherries are used in sauces and pastries. Sweet cherries are usually consumed fresh. Sweet cherries are the principal type preserved in true maraschino liqueur. A number of cherry species are grown as ornamental. Most of all, these species of cherry trees are known for their prolific spring flowers. Furthermore, the dark red wood of some cherry species are used for the manufacture of fine furniture.
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Consequently, most cherry species are native to the Northern Hemisphere. The cherry trees are abundant and are widely grown. The ten to twelve species are recognized in North America. In addition, the same numbers of cherry trees are grown in Europe. The greatest concentrations of species are in eastern Asia. The native habitats of the species are in western Asia and Eastern Europe. Consequently, the cherry tree species are cultivated from the Caspian Sea to the Balkans.
  • There are three types of Cherries:

Three types of cherries are grown. And the cherry tree is grown for it’s fruit which is especially relevant. Sweet cherries and sour cherries are grown to a much smaller extent. The duke species are sweet and sour cherries. Sweet cherry trees are large and upright. Furthermore, the cherry trees are as tall as thirty-six feet in height. The fruit is a fleshy drupe stone fruit. The fruit is heart-shaped and globular and varies in color. The color of the cherries are yellow and red.
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The higher acid content of the sour cherry produces a tart flavor. Sour cherry trees are smaller in size. In addition, the fruit is round to oblate in shape. Furthermore, the fruit is dark red and the cherries are high in acidity. The cherries from the sour cherry trees are too tart to eat fresh as a result. The duke cherries have a neutral flavor. This is in both tree and fruit characteristics. Most of all, the cherry fruits provide vitamin A. The fruit is very good for you and has small amounts of minerals. Cherries contain calcium and phosphorus.
  • Grown all over the World:

Cherries are grown all over of the world. Furthermore, cherries are grown where winter temperatures are not too severe. The cherries are grown in moderate temperatures. The summer temperatures have to be moderate. Cherry trees require winter cold in order to blossom in the spring. The cherry trees bloom early in the spring. They bloom after peaches and before apples. In Japan they select cherry trees for the beauty of their flowers.
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Consequently, most of the trees do not set fruit. In conclusion, the beautiful flowers are featured in many gardens. Nineteen hundred cherry trees were decimated. The trees were decimated by the moderate-temperatures of North America and Europe. The Tidal Basin in Washington DC has Japanese flowering cherries. The trees were presented by the mayor of Tokyo in 1912 which is most noteworthy.