“High-Fiber Pasta for High Energy and Health; By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

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First of all, you don’t have to be afraid of carbs. Furthermore, the right pasta is a part of a healthy diet. The pasta must be high in fiber. In addition, there are some delicious pasta recipes. Pasta and high-fiber don’t always go hand-in-hand. Barilla has a line of nutritious pastas that will change that. And Barilla has pasta varieties with additional nutrients. Therefore, this will make preparing a balanced meal much easier to deal with. Consequently, we asked Barilla’s Executive Chef for his cooking tips. The Barilla Chef creates flavorful and healthier meals from pasta high in fiber. He hails from Italy. So he knows a thing or two about pasta.
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The Barilla Chef is a native Italian. In addition, pasta has always been a big part of his life. Furthermore, he was born in Bologna, Italy and uses techniques he learned as a young chef. He exercises and has a healthy living lifestyle. So the Barilla Chef creates healthy recipes which is especially relevant. The Mediterranean diet is high in fiber and extra-virgin olive oil. The Barilla Chef makes a healthy low sodium pasta sauce with garlic and herbs. He does this while boiling the pasta. Most of all, he creates a dish the whole family will enjoy. Here’s a dish you can make when pressed for time. I recommend Barilla Plus thin pasta with garlic, red chili pepper flakes and extra-virgin olive oil. As a result, this low glycemic index meal is ready in 20 minutes. You can make this pasta meal from the items in your pantry.
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Barilla PLUS looks and tastes like regular pasta which is most noteworthy. Furthermore, you can enjoy Barilla PLUS pasta with fresh veggies and seafood. Barilla Whole Grain pasta is high in fiber. This pasta meal has a nutty taste from the whole grains. This really complements a variety of ingredients. Ingredients like fresh veggies, aromatic herbs, cheeses and meats are complimented. Furthermore, the pasta meal is high in fiber and adds nutrition to your meals.
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Extra-virgin olive oil is all you need to make a pasta sauce. In addition, extra-virgin olive oil is very healthy. The olive oil is the principal source of healthy unsaturated fat. Finally, there is a pasta high in fiber for the healthy Mediterranean diet. Skip the heavy cream sauces and butter. Replace the saturated fat with extra-virgin olive oil.  As a result, this will add flavor and nutritional benefits to your pasta. Barilla offers a broad range of healthy pastas. Therefore, they meet everyone’s nutritional needs and taste preferences. Semolina pasta is not high in fiber.  Barilla Whole Grain, PLUS and White Fiber is high in fiber. In addition, Barilla pastas offer the perfect base for high-fiber vegetables and legumes. This creates a healthy pasta meal which is high in fiber.
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First of all, Barilla Plus pasta is nutritious. Here are the benefits of a balanced pasta meal. Pasta is a complex carbohydrate. Furthermore, pasta is considered a good carb. Pasta also has a low glycemic index. Lower glycemic index pasta is healthier. In addition, a pasta meal high in fiber is digested slowly. The food breaks down in your body slowly. Therefore, your body gets a gradual rise in blood sugar. Cook the pasta al dente. This will keep the glycemic index low and the structure intact. Barilla high-fiber pastas are also complex carbohydrates. Consequently, Barilla offers the goodness of pasta with the benefit of fiber.
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Barilla PLUS is high in ALA omega-3 fatty acids. Let’s compare foods high in omega-3 fats. One box of Barilla PLUS has the nutrition found in ALA omega-3 fatty acids. The Barilla pasta meal is equivalent to 6 ounces of walnuts, protein in 11 eggs and the fiber in 35 leaves of Swiss chard. First of all, women need 25 grams of fiber per day. In addition, men should get 38 grams of fiber per day.
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A Barilla pasta meal is high in fiber. It’s a way to boost your fiber intake. Use pasta high in fiber and add vegetables and legumes. Pasta high in fiber should be paired with healthy ingredients. Add vegetables and lean proteins to Barilla pasta. And do not top the pasta with too much cheese. Consequently, this adds bad calories to the pasta meal. Choose healthy, unsaturated fats. In conclusion, extra-virgin olive oil is a great way to add flavor to a pasta meal.