“Boost Energy with your Diet; By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

  • Americans are in an Energy Crisis:

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 First of all, we are in an energy crisis. Most of all, we are busy, stressed, and need more physical activity. In addition, we have poor eating habits. This contributes to our low energy levels. Furthermore, the only way to fix our energy deficit is to eat better food. The right combinations of food can give you a boost of energy. Here are some strategies to maximize your energy level.
  • Eating every Three Hours:

Eating every three hours will fuel your metabolism and maintain muscle mass. Therefore, you will prevent between-meal hunger. Between meal hunger can lead to unwise snacking. In addition, eating one to two meals a day is a big mistake. You will slow your metabolism down and gain weight. Furthermore, eating a meal every three hours will be an adjustment. You must learn how to eat more frequently throughout the day. Eating often will make you feel better and be more focused. Most of all make sure you have fuel in your system on a regular basis. Do not skip a meal.
  • Don’t Eat too much at a time:Image result for don't eat too much at a time

Consequently eating just enough will help curb cravings. Don’t eat too much at a time. This will help curb cravings and reduce chances of overeating. Keep in mind that portions often are too large. In addition, your meal should not carry you for five to six hours. Waiting that long for a meal would give you hunger pangs. If the meal carries you, you’re eating too much.
  • Do not Stuff Yourself:

Here is a scale of 0 to 10. 0 is starving and 10 is painfully full. Therefore, try eating at the 5th or 6th level. Eat so you are satisfied and not stuffed as a result. Most of all, you must eat a balanced meal. A balanced meal includes whole grains, lean protein, and fiber-rich fruits and vegetables. Also include low-fat dairy and a small amount of healthy fats every three hours. Balance out your plate with all the food groups. This will give you sustained energy most of all.
  • Do not Skip a Meal:Image result for energy foods

Don’t skip eating a meal. In addition, eating every three hours will enhance your energy. Snacks should have protein and fiber-rich carbohydrates. The meal will provide lasting energy most of all. Furthermore, an apple and a handful of nuts is a good snack meal. Greek yogurt and fresh berries are another example. Keep in mind that snacks should not fill you up. A snack will bridge you from one meal to the next.
  • Sugar is the Enemy:Image result for sugar is your enemy

Keep in mind that soda is poison. In addition, you should drink your coffee black. Stay away from energy drinks most of all. Eating these foods will leave you buzzing for an hour. But the sugar will cause an energy crash. Instead, drink water to stay hydrated. Also you may drink a low-calorie flavored water or unsweetened tea. In conclusion, eating clean every three hours helps you stay lean and full of energy.