“Try Squash for its Health Benefits; By Weight Loss Made Simple:”


  • Take advantage of Squash Season:

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First of all, it is squash season at your supermarket. The local farmers market has plenty of varieties of squash. In addition, this time of year, you’re going to find bins overflowing with winter squash. The varieties of squash are acorn, butternut, delicata, hubbard, spaghetti, and turban. Pumpkins are also a very popular squash. Therefore, people are using squash for their fall cooking plans. Other squash are used for decorating the household. Furthermore, pumpkins take on a more decorative role. They are used as centerpieces or jack o’lanterns. In addition, people love to spruce up their squash. They let it sit pretty on the dinner table. Squash can be mashed or cubed. You can also sauté or steam the squash. It can be transformed from decoration to dinner.  The health benefits are worth the effort.
  • The Fruit Family:

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Squash is the name for a group of plants. Consequently, squash are in the fruit family. However, they have the nutrition of a vegetable. There are well-known members of the squash family.  Zucchini pumpkin, acorn, vegetable, spaghetti and butternut squashes are the most popular. Most of all, a half a cup of winter squash will yield fifteen percent of your vitamin C intake. Hubbard and banana squash will give you 110% of the vitamin A you need.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends squash for its health benefits.
  • Summer Squash:


In addition, squash is rich in fiber. Squash are great for your health. It is also a great source of potassium. Potassium helps the body keep sodium in check and eases muscle cramps. Therefore, many varieties of squash promote heart health. Winter squash are higher in carbohydrates. Summer squash are lower in carbohydrates. Summer squash are zucchini and patty pans.  People with diabetes should keep an eye on the varieties of squash. But the health benefits out weigh the risk.
  • How to Cook the Squash:

Not all varieties of squash are interchangeable. But they can be swapped for one another when cooking. Furthermore, a simple cube-and-roast is a good way to start.I recommend butternut squash for its health benefits and sweet flavor.  You can peel it and remove the seeds and pulp. In addition, you can cube most varieties of squash. Finally, toss the pieces in olive oil and put a-little salt and pepper on it. In conclusion, roast the squash for 25 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Many other varieties of squash have harder rinds. Some people cut some varieties of squash in half. They bake or steam it for its health benefits. In addition, cut-side down, or microwave in about a quarter-cup of water. When the squash are tender, remove the rind or scoop out the flesh.
  • Raw Summer Squash:

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Consequently, you don’t have to cook some varieties. Raw winter squash is good for your health. Furthermore, there are recipes for grating pumpkins, butternut squash and more. You can use varieties of squash in salads and slaws. I eat varieties of it. I do it for its health benefits as a result. In addition, you can use squash in place of wheat or rice noodles. The fruit has varieties of health benefits. Try halving spaghetti squash and remove the seeds. Cook cut-side down until the flesh is tender.  Scrape the health fruit with a fork to loosen the strands.  Serve with a favorite sauce.
  • How to Choose the Right One:

When choosing any varieties of squash, pick up several of the same size. Pick one that feels heavy for its size. Squash can last for weeks. Furthermore, make sure there are no signs of bruising or soft spots. Squash are good for your health. Most of all, you can enjoy many varieties. Use a spiralizer to make other varieties of squash noodles. This is when cooking Thai food or other Asian cuisine. In conclusion, if you’re not going to use an entire squash, cook it plain and season it afterward. Your health is important. Give some varieties a try to reap the health benefits of squash.

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