“It is good to start Training to be fit in your 30’s; By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

  • Make Physical Fitness a Habit:

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First of all, it’s a good idea to make physical activity a habit. And your 30s are a good time to start getting physical. Aerobic physical activity will keep you fit. Furthermore, fitness and nutrition are important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In addition, aerobic physical activity increases your energy levels. This will increase your body’s ability to burn fat. Aerobic physical functionality prevents complications from chronic diseases. There are many health benefits associated with hours of exercise.
  • Physical Fitness has many Benefits:

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Physical activity decreases the risk of Type 2 diabetes. Being physical decreases the risk of hypertension or high blood pressure. Most of all, vigorous aerobic exercise decreases high cholesterol and improves mental health. Physical activity helps you sleep and relieves stress which is especially relevant. Aerobic physical activity increases bone density and helps you live longer.
  • Motivation is the Key:

Consequently, motivation is the key ingredient for getting fit. Furthermore, you must motivate yourself to move. Therefore, you must come up with a reason to be physical. Aerobic physical activity will help create a healthier you. Vigorous aerobic intensity will keep your attitude positive. You will be a positive role model for kids as a result. In addition, hours of vigorous aerobic intensity decreases the risk of developing high blood pressure. Exercise decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes. Maintaining a healthy body weight is important.
  • Exercise recommendations:Image result for strength training


Consequently, I have reviewed years of research. Furthermore, the  hours of research wasn’t necessary because I am experienced in this field.  Adults 18 to 64 years old should follow these recommendations. Do 2½ hours of moderate-intensity. You should do this each week. You can also do 1¼ hours of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity. In addition, you must do strength training using all of the major muscle groups. Do strength training two days a week or more. Increase moderate aerobic physical activity to 5 hours. Or you can include 2½ hours of vigorous aerobic physical activity. Do this regimen each week. Healthy pregnant women should get 2½ hours of moderate aerobic physical activity. This should be spread throughout the week. Most of all, some pregnant women are used to vigorous aerobic physical activity. They can continue physical activity during pregnancy.
  • Brisk Walking is better than Slow Walking:

Walking slowly is a light-intensity activity. Brisk walking is a moderate-intensity activity. Therefore, brisk walking includes walking and talking.  With vigorous-intensity exercise, you can only say a few words. This is without catching your breath. Do 10 minutes at a time throughout the week. Don’t worry about the intensity. You must have a goal. Continue following these guidelines. I don’t care if your sixty-five years old!
  • Fitness keeps Ailments at Bay:

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First of all, fitness is important. Fitness keeps ailments at bay. A-lot of people are busy starting a career or raising a family. Therefore, make physical activities a priority. Start by setting reasonable goals. Furthermore, use activities you enjoy. And slowly build up your endurance.  Keep track of  the exercise you are doing. In conclusion, life is full of excuses. Make physical activity an essential part of your life. Fitness will keep you young. Fitness will keep you young on the inside and on the outside. You will go through the next few decades feeling strong and healthy as a result.
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