“To Lower Risk of Death you need to Drink Coffee; By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

  • Coffee keeps you Healthy:

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Consequently, a study was done on people who drank coffee regularly. As a result, drinking coffee is very good for you. Furthermore, you are less likely to die of many causes. The causes include heart disease and diabetes. People who didn’t drink coffee didn’t fare as well. In addition, people who drank more coffee lowered their risk of dying. Decaf drinkers showed a similar pattern. Most of all, coffee contains biologically active compounds. These compounds include phenolic acids, potassium, and caffeine. The researchers did a thorough job finding the facts.
  • Coffee Consumption Lowers the Risk of Death:


Furthermore, the researchers found that coffee consumption lowers the risk of death. Most of all, those who drink coffee will lower their risk of a heart attack.  The researchers used data from a previous study. Therefore, the researchers followed 90,317 adults. These are people who have no history of cancer or cardiovascular disease. They reported how many cups of coffee per day they drank. Also, they reported their dietary and health details. The researchers did this at the start of the study. Caffeine is beneficial and healthy.
  • Lower your risk of Heart Disease:

Finally, after the study 8,700 people had died. The researchers accounted for factors like smoking. Consequently, the researchers found good facts about coffee drinkers. Especially relevant, coffee drinkers were less likely to die. The nondrinkers died during the study. Most noteworthy, heavy coffee consumption lowered the risk of death. The risk of death was lowest drinking four to five cups of coffee per day. In addition, decaffeinated coffee also lowered the risk of death. Those who want to lower their risk of heart disease, drink 5 cups of coffee a day.
  • Lower your risk of Death:

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Therefore, coffee drinkers reduce their risk of death. Cups of coffee reduce heart disease, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes, pneumonia and influenza.  But cups of coffee did not reduce the risk of cancer. The researchers found.  Coffee drinking is associated with certain cancers. Hence, liver cancer was reported in epidemiological studies. The researchers found no association between coffee and cancer mortality.  Coffee reduces mortality risk for some cancers but not others.
  • Consume Three Cups of Coffee a Day:

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People who consume three cups of coffee per day have an 18 percent lower risk death. Hence, this is compared to those who drink no coffee. Furthermore, drinking five cups of coffee per day is 400 milligrams of caffeine per day. Five cups of coffee have no health risks. Moderate caffeine intake is safe for pregnant women. In addition, pregnant woman can have 200 milligrams per day. Especially relevant, the studies were high quality. Researchers know that people who drink more coffee have better health.
  • Coffee Promotes Healthy Behavior:

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Most of all, coffee drinking promotes healthy behavior. Therefore, those who drink cups of caffeine have healthy habits. People drinking coffee will exercise. And they keep a healthy diet. The researchers accounted for these factors. In conclusion, the study didn’t prove that coffee extends life. Furthermore, sick people don’t drink as much coffee.  But coffee has a direct effect on inflammation and cardiovascular health. The researchers found coffee safe to consume. Therefore, if you like drinking coffee then carry on. Drink coffee for a healthy, balanced lifestyle. And caffeine is a great fat burner. I recommend non-drinkers adopt the habit. A healthy lifestyle change is the result.