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  • Eating Fried Fish gives you a 48% higher risk of Heart Disease:

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First of all, have you heard the news reports? Fried fish can cause heart problems. This information came from the journal Circulation: Heart Failure. Furthermore, the study found some interesting facts.  Eating fried fish once a week can be harmful to your health. In addition, you have a 48 percent higher risk of heart failure. Eat fatty acid not trans-fat.
  • More Disturbing Information:

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Consequently, fried fish was studied numerous times. A 2005 study had some more disturbing information. Frequent consumption of fried fish can give you a stroke. Eating fried fish will increase the risk of a stroke by 44%. Also, we have findings from a study in 2011. This study was on Neurology. There are stroke belt states of the south. Especially relevant, people in the stroke belt states of the South have higher rates of stroke. Southerners eat more fried fish than other Americans.
  • Fish that have Fatty Acid is good for your Heart:

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Still, this is no reason to avoid eating fish. After all, fish is good for your heart. Eating fried fish will give you a heart attack. Broil or bake the fish. Furthermore, have five or more servings of fish every week. The fish should be baked or broiled. In addition, eating baked or broiled fish will reduce your risk of a heart attack. Therefore, you will have a reduced risk of heart failure by 30%. Keep your risk of heart failure down. Salmon is a fattier fish high in omega-3 fats. Eat omega-3 fatty acid and protect yourself from heart disease.
  • Fried Fish have no Health Benefits:

Consequently, there are several reasons why eating fried fish do not have health benefits. Fish that are baked or broiled have a-lot of health benefits. First of all, haddock, cod, and catfish are the fish people fry. Furthermore, these fish are low in omega-3 fatty acid. The new study looked at white fish. Baked or broiled, white fish were less protective than fattier fish. In addition, frying reduces omega-3s. Fried fish have more calories. Especially relevant, batter-fried fish contribute to weight gain and increased health risks.
  • Hydrogenated Oils:

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In addition, never heat oil to a high temperature. The oil will form harmful compounds. These compounds increase your risk of heart failure. Furthermore, do not reuse the oil over long periods. Fast-food restaurants reuse oil. And many restaurants still fry with partially hydrogenated oils. Hydrogenated oil and saturated beef tallow is a trans-fat. That’s why eating fried fish with hydrogenated oil have adverse effects on cholesterol. Fatty acid is good and trans-fat is bad.
  • People who eat Fried Fish tend to have a Less-Healthy Lifestyle:

Most noteworthy, eating fried fish is a marker for a less-healthy lifestyle. In fact, the study proves this point. The people who ate more fried fish also ate fewer fruits and vegetables. The ones who love eating fried fish were less physically active and smoked cigarettes. As a result, they had a risk of heart failure or a risk of stroke.  Eat your fish baked or broiled. This will help your get your fatty acid intake.
  • Eat Fried Fish on Occasion:

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You should be eating fried fish on occasion. Especially relevant, eating fried fish with steamed vegetables will make the dish much healthier. And bake the carb instead of frying the carb. Choose omega-3 fatty acid-rich fish and lower the risk of heart disease. Omega-3 fish are salmon, mackerel and sardines. These fish should be baked or broiled. Keep the risk of heart disease down. Eat two servings of fatty fish each week. In addition, eat your fatty fish baked or broiled.
  • Healthy Tips for Frying in Oil:

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If you fry in oil, keep these tips in mind.  Pan-frying is better than deep-frying. Always use a small amount of oil. Hence, don’t add the fish until the oil is hot. Don’t make the oil too hot or the oil will start to smoke. Olive oil is good for sauteing. Olive oil is stable when heated and forms fewer byproducts.  Corn oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil and canola oils form more byproducts. Don’t put bread crumbs on the fish. Bread crumbs absorb more oil. Use fresh oil for frying fish. It’s hard to avoid reused oil in restaurants. In conclusion, if you eat fried fish at a restaurant you should ask whether they use partially hydrogenated oils. There are restaurants that use healthier oils. Frying fish kills the healthy fatty acid in the fish.