“There are 180,000 Deaths a year from Soda and Sugary Drinks:”

  • Sugary Drinks cause 184,000 Deaths each Year:


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First of all, scientists are asking people to lay off sugary drinks. Furthermore, the sugar-sweetened beverages are linked to 184,000 adult deaths each year. This includes 25,000 Americans. Consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages is a dangerous practice. Most noteworthy, one in every 100 deaths from obesity is caused by sugary beverages. The journal Circulation published the study. And the study was conducted by researchers from Tufts University. Researchers found that sugar-sweetened beverages are responsible for 133,000 deaths. As a result, 133,000 come from diabetes. 45,000 deaths come from heart disease and 6,450 are from cancer.
  • Latin America consumes the most Sugary Drinks:

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In addition, the study found some interesting facts. Three quarters of deaths from sugary drinks were in developing countries. Latin America had the highest death rates.  Mexico topped the list. They had 405 deaths per million adults. Therefore there are 24,000 total deaths. The United States has a fourth ranking. In the U.S. there are 125 deaths per million adults. Especially relevant, researchers collected data on deaths and disabilities. Furthermore, they calculated the direct effect sugar-sweetened beverages had. These dietary surveys reached more than 600,000 people. The study looked at sugar-sweetened beverages.   The beverages included sugar-sweetened sodas, fruit drinks and energy drinks. Also, sweetened iced teas and homemade sugary drinks called frescas
  • The American Beverage Association:

The American Beverage Association dismissed the study. In addition, the study was presented to the American Heart Association. They presented it as an abstract in 2013. The ABA said the study had been presented without being published or peer-reviewed. The ABA has no concern about heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
  • The Political Agendas of the ABA:

Image result for heart diseaseFurthermore, the ABA said, the study does not show consuming sugar-sweetened beverages causes chronic diseases. Consequently, the authors acknowledged estimating the effects of sugar-sweetened beverage consumption. The United States has an obesity epidemic. Sugar-sweetened beverages are the cause. The ABA says that America’s beverage companies are doing their part. They offer consumers fact-based information. Selling sugar-sweetened beverages is what American beverage companies do. Therefore, the sugar content on the label will not help the problem. The ABA says the label will help people make the right choice.  Type 2 diabetes and heart disease are a popular disease in the U.S.
  • America keeps gaining weight from Soda Consumption:

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Finally, they peer-reviewed the study. The authors remain confident about the results. The sugar industry’s argument is that there’s no correlation. Most noteworthy, the sugar industry is a powerful corporation. I compare them to Big Tobacco. Added sugars come from sugar-sweetened beverages. These added sugars are in the American diet. That was a scientific statement from the American Heart Association. In addition, the United States Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee had some advice. Consequently, they recommended replacing sugar-sweetened beverages with milk and 100 percent fruit juice. Heart disease and type 2 diabetes are bad news.
  • Still a Huge Amount of Soda Consumption:


In the United States, soda consumption has been on the decline. As a result, Mexico put a sugar tax on sugary drinks. Since then there has been a slump in consumption. In conclusion, there has been progress. But there’s still a huge amount of soda consumption in the United States. In addition, the study was just the beginning. Sugar is the cause of deaths and disease. Control sugar consumption and cut down on the related deaths. Let’s keep heart disease and diabetes down.

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