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  • Swimming to Lose Weight:

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First of all, if you need a change from your aerobic exercise routine, keep reading. In addition, swimming to lose weight makes sense. Swimming can be an effective weight control exercise. However, there are a few pitfalls to be aware of. Swimming is an excellent aerobic exercise that works the whole body. Furthermore, swimming is a low impact and safe exercise. However, swimming to lose weight is a debated exercise. There are some basic things to know about swimming to lose weight. As a result, swimming is considered an aerobic exercise.
  • Aerobic Exercise:

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An aerobic exercise can be effective at burning fat with a maximum heart rate. The maximum heart rate it should be between 60 – 80 %. In addition, the heart rate cannot be below this range. If it is the exercise isn’t intense enough to burn calories. When you go above the maximum heart rate the exercise is anaerobic. Anaerobic exercise burns carbohydrates but not fat. As a result, the exercise can’t be prolonged for very long.
  • Calculating you Maximum Heart Rate:

Calculating the maximum heart rate is simple to do. Subtract your age from 220 to get the target beats per minute. For example, if your 37 your maximum heart rate will be 220 – 37. Your maximum heart rate is 183 beats per minute. Therefore, your target heart rate is 60 and 80 % of your maximum heart rate. 80% of 183 BPM is 110 to 146 BPM. Most noteworthy, when you are swimming you should wear a heart rate monitor. The heart monitor will let you know your level of intensity. Invest in a waterproof heart rate monitor.
  • Burning Fat:

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Consequently, burning fat becomes effective after twenty minutes of aerobic exercise.  Because the body burns carbohydrates for fuel first and then burns the fat. Make sure to get 2 to 3 swim sessions per week. 30 minutes of swimming will help you lose weight. If you are a beginner you won’t be able to swim for 30 minutes. Be consistent and go to the pool regularly. Your endurance and technique will improve over time. Furthermore, after a few weeks you should be able to do 30 minutes of swimming.
  • Technique is Important:


Especially relevant, technique is important in swimming. A poor technique will leave you exhausted. As a result, you will not target your maximum heart rate. Furthermore, a poor swimming technique will leave you bored and frustrated. Your options will be limited while trying to lose weight. Hence, working on improving your swimming technique will help. Try out different swimming strokes and have fun swimming.
  • Learn the proper Swimming Technique:

Most of all, taking up swimming is a positive way to exercise. Also, make sure to work on improving your technique.  Books, DVD’s, and swimming lessons will help you in your endeavor. There are two conflicting studies.  Swimming helps you lose weight and swimming doesn’t help you lose weight. However, swimmers are often hungry after a workout. They are hungrier than runners. Swimming in cold water can increase your appetite.
  • Swimmers are Hungry after an Intense Swimming Session:

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As a result, the conflicting studies about swimming to lose weight can be explained. Swimmers overeat after a workout to recover lost calories. Runners do not have that problem. So watch your eating habits and lose weight. Especially relevant, eat clean after a demanding workout :-). I believe that swimming to lose weight works. As long as you abide by the principals in this article you will lose weight. In conclusion, you want to maintain an ideal body weight. Try swimming 3 times a week and be consistent. Most of all, healthy eating habits are responsible for weight loss. Swimming can be a great aerobic exercise.
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