“What are the Healthiest Breads? By Weightloss Made Simple:”


  • Choosing the right Bread is Important:

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First of all, breads are very popular at the grocery store. There is one aisle just for bread. It’s also the most confusing. Furthermore, the labels have organic whole wheat, seven grain and flax grains. So confusing, it can make your head spin. In addition, choosing the right bread is important. The decisions you make in the bread aisle affect your health. The wrong breads can cause chronic disease. Therefore, I will educate you on shopping for the right bread. The right bread will add years to your life. The wrong bread will do the opposite. A bread should be high in fiber.
  • High Blood Sugar and White Bread:

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Consequently, the majority of people consume old-fashioned white bread. White bread is an enormous sugar cube. White bread is responsible for high blood sugar spikes. As a result, white bread will make your blood sugar skyrocket while taking it back down. This happens very fast. Furthermore, your body must produce insulin to take sugar into the cells. Sugar in the cells is are used for energy. The rise and fall of blood sugar increases your risk of heart attack, stroke, fatty liver, obesity and diabetes. White bread has no fiber.
  • White Bread takes Years off your Life:


The sugar in white bread is a beauty buster. Especially relevant, white bread is proven to speed up the formation of wrinkles. The sugar causes your skin to look dull and lifeless. In addition, white bread is made with enriched or bleached wheat flours. The flours are stripped of protein and important B vitamins. This creates a product that is sweet and palatable for the average consumer. Hence, white bread is a bad choice for your health and longevity. But most of us know that white bread is a questionable decision. As a result, there are other varieties of bread.
  • Breads that are High in Fiber:

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Let’s find out which breads are good for your health. We have whole wheat, rye, pumpernickel and gluten-free. Most noteworthy, choose bread that is 100-percent whole grain. 100% whole grain is labeled on the front of the packaging. Furthermore, be aware when the package says wheat, whole grains or multigrain. If the label doesn’t say 100% whole grain it’s white bread in disguise. 100-percent whole grain is the best bread. Whole grains provide you with a great source of fiber.
  • Whole Grains help prevent Heart Disease: 

These whole grains help prevent heart disease and colon cancer. In addition, fiber helps keep you feeling full. Feeling fuller will help you eat less throughout the day. Therefore, whole grains will help you maintain your weight while increasing your energy. Whole grains are full of B-vitamins and protein. Consequently, whole grains have nutrients needed for skin care. Most of all, whole grains have nutrients for youthful skin. Also, 100% whole grain is full of protein. Protein is good for your hair.
  • 100% Whole Wheat Bread:


I advise you to keep away from white bread. White bread is not the right bread to choose. 100% whole grain will have simple sugars and syrups. But sugar activates yeast. Sugar is one of the first five ingredients of any product. Therefore, to get the right bread, find a great tasting 100-percent whole wheat bread. The whole grain percentage is displayed on the package. The right bread should have sugar as ingredient number three or four.
  • Read the Labels:

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In conclusion, many 100%- whole grain breads are not labelled correctly. White flour is full of sugar. So use these tips to help you make the right decision. Whole grain is looking at the grams of fiber. Real whole grain bread is more than 2 grams of fiber. In addition, anything less than two grams is a refined product. This article educates you about white bread and sugar. Whole grain breads are healthy. Good breads are out there. Look at the labels. Most noteworthy, you learned what whole grain is. White bread is sugar and whole grain is fiber. So now you’re armed with the knowledge that manufacturers are hoping you’ll be confused!
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