“Achieve Longevity with these Healthy suggestions:”

  • Who doesn’t want to Live Longer?

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First of all, most people want to live past 100 years old. Who wouldn’t want to live a longer life? Furthermore, you can spend a few extra years doing what you love. You can spend more time with loved ones or see the world. Extending your life can be achieved with common sense and nutrition. Here are several tips to help you live a longer life. In addition, those who follow these simple tips can work them into any routine. Longevity is the key.
  • Your Diet is Everything:

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Your diet is your life style and longevity. Therefore, elderly individuals live a longer life eating a healthy diet. You have a 20 percent chance to live longer than those who don’t eat healthy. Eat fish, produce and foods high in healthy fats. The Mediterranean Diet applies to people who are 84. I am 57 and have 3% body fat. My diet is the Mediterranean Diet.
  • Socialize:


Most noteworthy, social bonds can have a positive influence on your life and your health. Research shows close connections with others can lower your risk of dying early. Socialize and live longer than those who don’t socialize. As a result, shutting out your closest pals will shorten your life. Even those who disagree with you politically can lengthen your life and longevity.
  • Don’t worry about Getting Older:


Especially relevant, getting older is part of life. It’s the one thing every person must deal with. Those who make a federal case out of it will not live longer than those who don’t. There was a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Adults with a positive outlook lived 7 years longer. Therefore, you will live longer than those who have contempt for the aging process.
  • Marriage will Enhance Longevity:

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There is good news for people who just want to have a family of their own. In addition, marriage can boost a person’s longevity. A Danish study was published in the International Journal of Epidemiology. As a result, it is dangerous to be unmarried or divorced in Denmark. Same sex marriage is safer than being single. Consequently, same-sex marriages are legal in the United States.
  • Stress is a Killer:

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Most noteworthy, dealing with stress is important for everyone. Dealing with stress is especially relevant for those with a high-profile career. Furthermore, chronic stress can shave time off your life. Don’t miss out on the extra years of your life. Most of all look for ways to keep your worries at bay. Those who keep their worries at bay will live a longer life. 
  • Helping People will add years to your Life:


Lending a hand will enhance your life. Those who help people for selfless reasons live longer. They live longer than those who do it for more personal reasons. In addition, those who are selfish will not live longer. Helping people is the best way to live a meaningful life. Furthermore, don’t live for yourself. Live for the universe and your longevity.
  • Exercise is Second to Diet:

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In conclusion, exercise works wonders. Exercise, can extend your life by 4 to 7 years. Furthermore, a body in motion stays in motion. Do 40 minutes on the treadmill and add years to your life. I recommend doing 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. As a bodybuilder I consider diet the best way to lengthen your life.
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