“Fried Foods are Responsible for High Blood Pressure:”

  • Stress and Fried Foods cause Hypertension:

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Consequently, we all know that stress and fried foods cause hypertension. Let’s find out more about stress and fried foods and which is worse. As a result, both stress and fried foods contribute equally to high blood pressure found this information studying young adults. The young adults participated in National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute research. The research was   on how the body regulates blood pressure in response to stress.
  • Stress holds Sodium:

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30 percent of stressed black people hold onto to sodium. Furthermore, they hold onto 160 milligrams of sodium. This amount of sodium causes high blood pressure or hypertension. In addition, this is the equivalent of consuming fast food French fries and a bag of potato chips. Most noteworthy, stress can add about 500 milligrams of sodium to your daily sodium intake. Hence, adding 500 milligrams of sodium will cause high blood pressure during the day. Your blood pressure will stay high into the night. Blood pressure readings are more accurate during the night time. For most people’s stress is low at night. Stress makes it easy to surpass the recommended 1500 to 2300 milligram limit.
  • Your Health and Blood Pressure:

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Everybody knows stress can take its toll on your health and blood pressure. Therefore, have the perception a high-salt diet is bad for you. Stress and fried foods are bad for any individual. A stressed individual holds sodium. The amount of sodium you get eating a small order of French fries. This will cause high blood pressure to occur in one day. Be careful because fried foods and sodium go together.
  • One in three adults have High Blood Pressure: 


Out of 67 million adults one in three have high blood pressure. Most of all, too much stress and fried foods are common place in the United States. Therefore, 36 million adults don’t have their hypertension under control. For African Americans, the findings are devastating.  Researchers found some serious stats about African Americans. African Americans with hypertension suffer from hidden heart disease. This hidden heart disease is caused by high blood pressure. Most noteworthy, they exhibited no signs of the disease. Research prompts physicians to detect incipient heart disease early. In addition, this will help physicians take the steps to treat it. We need to treat heart disease before it escalates into a health emergency. Lowering the milligrams of sodium intake is a proactive approach.
  • A Low Sodium Diet:

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Sodium load can be lifted with angiotensin receptor blockers. These blockers are a common blood pressure treatment. This treatment of sodium is rarely used in African Americans. African Americans who retain sodium have been known to carry an angiotensin receptor gene. Hence, exacerbating problems with sodium handling is the result. In addition, medicinal treatment is not necessary with a low sodium diet. In conclusion, you must cut down on processed foods. There are hundreds of milligrams of sodium in processed and fried foods. Combat hypertension with a healthy diet.
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