“Your Face is not the only place for Skin Care Ladies:”

  •   So it’s time to think about your Body Skin Care:

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First of all, women think face care is the only thing to worry about. Furthermore, a body skin care routine is ignored by women. In addition, the skin on your body can become dry and unhealthy. The face is the first thing people show to the world. But the skin on your body experiences moisture loss and damage too. Therefore, to have healthy skin you need a body skin care routine. Practice good skin care everywhere. The skin on your body is your defense against the outside world. Healthy skin protects you against the elements.


  • Good body skin care focuses on certain parts of the body:

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Your elbows are exposed to the elements. The elbow is an exposed body part. Elbows bend and prop you up throughout the day. Therefore, leaning on your elbows contributes to thick, dry skin. The skin on your elbows becomes scaly and discolored. Healing the damage requires a body skin care routine. First of all, give the skin a light cleansing, then moisturize. This   body skin care routine will help the elbows. Be consistent for healthier elbows.
  • The Skin on your Feet:


The skin of your feet is the driest skin on your body. Furthermore the skin on you has no oil glands. In addition, the skin on your feet uses sweat glands to provide necessary moisture. Dry weather and hot showers damage the skin. Most noteworthy, dry feet can feel itchy and become cracked. This happens because the skin is beat up by a variety of surfaces. Protecting the skin on your feet is important and a good skin care routine will work.
  • The Hands:

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The hands perform many daily tasks. Furthermore, you use your hands for everything. The skin on your hand is thinner than the skin on your face. The hand is the first body part to reveal signs of aging. A dry environment can reap havoc on your skin. Also, washing your hands in hot water can damage the skin. Hence, frequent hand-washing will weaken your skin’s protective lipid layer. This will reduce its ability to retain moisture on your hands.
  • Our Knees need Care:

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The last body part is your knees. Our knees are always bending constantly and exposed to the air. The skin on your knees is thick and tough. But dryness will affect a strong skin. The knees become scaly and discolored just like the elbows. In conclusion, the body skin care routine you use for your elbows will work for your knees. In addition, give your knees a good cleansing and apply a healing moisturizer. Especially relevant, always take care of the skin on your face. But for healthy skin you must take care of your entire body.