“Can You Consider Sex Exercise? By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

  • People who Exercise have Great Sex Lives:

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First of all, research shows that women who exercise have great sex lives. Furthermore, women who exercise will climax quicker and have a higher libido. Sedentary women have a lower sex drive. Sex is better when you are in good cardiovascular shape. Having more muscle strength makes more adventurous sex possible. Sex is great when you are in good shape. You can handle different positions and longer sessions. It’s obvious that exercise is important. In addition, having good sex is fun, but does sex count as exercise?
  • Great Sex is like Cardio

Sex can have the same effect as an intense workout. Especially relevant, during sex, your heart rate increases and your metabolic rate increases. Sex is good for burning calories and stretching your muscles. Most of all, sex is great for boosting the immune system while providing stress relief. Sex is like a good cardio session.
  • Great Sex Burns 50 to 100 Calories per Session:

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The “average” sex session lasts 30 minutes and burns 50 and 100 calories. Therefore, great sex is considered a physical activity. Like other activities, the more you put into your sex session the more your heart rate will increase. So if you are energetic between the sheets, you’ll burn more calories. There are factors to determine how many calories you burn. Your body weight, duration and position determine your heart rate and what you burn.
  • Great Sex is similar to Strength Training:


Strength training and sex is very similar. You use a lot of muscles to perform the act. The muscles you use is determined by your nookie style. Consequently, when you are on top of your partner, the legs and arms are used. Furthermore, a passive partner will put less stress on the muscles.


  • Use the Thrusting Motion:


Sex is great when you use a thrusting motion. You and your partner can firm the stomach and glutes while improving your posture. Sex is great for women to engage the pelvic floor and abs. Kegels is an exercise for strengthening the pelvic floor. Kegels makes sex pleasurable for you and your partner.  Therefore, ladies should take full advantage of that exercise.
  • You still need Exercise:Image result for great sex is similar to strength training

This all sounds great as an exercise program. When you are raising your heart rate you burn calories. But there are a few things you and your partner should consider. Do not cancel your gym membership. Most of all, during strength training you work all your major muscle groups. You exercise the muscles through a full range of motion. When you are strength training you go against resistance.
  • Keeping your Heart rate Up:

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When you are having sex you feel a burn in certain areas. As a result, sex isn’t intense enough to count as strength training. Cardio is great for your heart because you can accelerate your heart rate. While having sex you want to keep your heart rate up. This way you accelerate your heart rate to burn some serious calories. In addition, when we have sex we focus on our partner. Therefore, our heart rate will not stay in the aerobic stage.
  • The conclusion:

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In conclusion, sex is a great way to get your heart rate up. Exercise is better for your heart because it’s rate stays on constant high. Most noteworthy, there is a way to keep your relationship healthy. Skip a day of exercise and have great sex with your partner. To keep your heart healthy you must exercise.
You will like how you look during sex. However, make a habit of engaging in both sex and exercise. I recommend that you exercise with your partner first. Therefore reaping the sexual benefits of your workout will give the heart rate time to slow down. ” Editor’s note:” Make sure to shower after exercise! Lol!

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