“Do not put Milk and Sugar in your Coffee if you want to stay Lean; By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

  • Coffee get’s you Going:

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First of all, coffee gives you energy to start your day. Coffee drinkers are pretty picky when it comes to a cup of coffee. Furthermore, research suggests there’s a healthier way to drink coffee. Most coffee drinkers do not like to drink their coffee black. In addition, a new study found some interesting facts about coffee consumption. People should not drink coffee and tea with added milk or sugar. When you add milk or sugar to your coffee, you tend to eat junk for the rest of the day. Type 2 diabetes is just around the corner.
  • Empty Calories are Bad News:

And while this is nothing new, adding sugar to your coffee makes it less healthy. Furthermore, people who start off their day drinking empty calories eat worse the rest of the day. Adding sugar to your coffee and tea can have dire consequences. Coffee is unlike other popular beverages.  Alcohol and sugar-sweetened beverages are consumed in isolation and cause type 2 diabetes. Consequently, people prefer drinking coffee and tea with sugar or cream.
  • Sugar and Cream are Low in Nutritional Value:

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In addition, sugar and cream are dense in energy and fat but low in nutritional value. Coffee drinkers also like the quick jolt the sugar gives them. These sugars will give them type 2 diabetes. There were 19,000 adult participants surveyed from 2001 to 2012. 67.5 per cent of coffee drinkers had added sugar to their coffee. When you add sugar to your coffee you add extra calories.  33.4 per cent of tea drinkers add sugar to their tea as well. Most noteworthy, sugar or sugar substitutes are the most popular items to add to your coffee. Coffee drinkers also prefer cream or cream substitutes like half and half and whole or reduced fat milk. Coffee and tea are healthier without add-ins. Add-ins cause type 2 diabetes.
  • Adding Extra Calories to your Coffee will cause Type 2 Diabetes:

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These coffee drinkers also ended up drinking 69 more calories per day. Coffee drinkers also took their coffee black and spared the calories.  Tea drinkers had an average of 43 extra calories per day. Especially relevant, researchers didn’t focus on why these coffee drinkers ate more junk. I would assume it could have something to do with adding sugar to your coffee. Let me remind you of how addicting sugar can be and how dangerous it is when abused.
  • Extra Calories add up to Extra pounds:

In conclusion, extra calories every day can add up to extra pounds. Studies have shown people who take their coffee black have psychopathic tendencies. This has been debunked by research. Black coffee makes you smarter and lowers your risk of type 2  diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. The saying is everything in moderation, but when it comes to coffee take it straight.
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