“Cook an Egg in Your Oatmeal and Feel the Energy; By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

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First of all, when you eat a healthy breakfast, eggs and oatmeal are two different menu items. Eggs and oatmeal are rarely seen together on the same plate. Furthermore, eggs are a source of protein and oatmeal is a carbohydrate. But combining eggs and oatmeal can increase the happiness of your taste buds and better your health. It’s time we see the oats and the egg as one.
  • A Healthy breakfast Combination:

Protein from the egg is especially relevant in keeping you satisfied while making you feel more awake. Oatmeal has heart healthy cholesterol lowering powers. Hence, making egg oatmeal can be a herculean morning meal. Cooking your egg in your oatmeal will have you shouting out good morning from the roof tops! Having the oats and the egg will give you energy before you’ve had your coffee, while still sporting your pajamas.
  • Adding Flavor to your Healthy Breakfast:

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Consequently, when you cook the egg in the oatmeal the oats will thicken right up. The egg will change the texture making them fluffy — almost buttery. This will not alter the oats’ natural flavor. And as a result, you can still add raisins or dress it up however you like. You can sweeten the oats with a little maple syrup and cinnamon. If you care for sriracha and avocado, use it.
  • Preparing the Oats:

To prepare your oatmeal, cook the oats as you would normally do. I would suggest using the stove to cook the oatmeal. The microwave is good if you are pressed for time. Crack a single egg or a few eggs if you’re cooking up a large amount of oatmeal for breakfast. Put the eggs and oatmeal into a small bowl and whisk it up. If you have to use a microwave, pour the egg mixture into the oats, add some milk and mix all together. Nuke your healthy breakfast as directed. And in addition, when you use a microwave you may have to add more liquid. Add the liquid to the eggs and oatmeal after the first microwave session. Therefore, mixing the oats and microwave them for another minute or so.
  • Using a Stove:Image result for use a stove to cook oatmeal

When you use a stove to prepare the oatmeal you can heat the oats as you normally would which is most noteworthy. Let the pot come to a simmer and reduce the heat. Allow the oats to cook for about 5 minutes, while stirring frequently. Stir the whisked eggs in the pot and turn up the heat. Cook for 5 minutes and add more liquid to the eggs and oatmeal.
  • Adding Tasty Ingredients to your Healthy Breakfast:Image result for healthy breakfast

Once you have your eggs and oatmeal ready you can add whatever ingredients you like. Therefore, adding some peanut butter and jelly can be a tasty experience. Furthermore, adding some honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon to the oats can bring up the flavor. In conclusion, once you taste this healthy breakfast, you’ll never go back to plain old oats again.