“Are Treadmill Desks really a Good Idea? By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

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First of all, there are desks that have built-in treadmills. Furthermore, treadmill desks are installed to help people walk more at the office. But a new study finds that employees who use the equipment don’t get enough exercise. The exercise is not intense enough to meet recommendations. In fact, the researchers found that treadmill desks pose a number of   challenges. The challenges range from unhelpful supervisors to scheduling problems. Consequently, this makes it hard for companies to accommodate the use of treadmill desks.
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In the study, they found that treadmill desks are not a good replacement for regular exercise. In addition, the benefits of exercise on a treadmill desk are not worth the cost. Now add the other challenges that come with implementing the desks. As a result, researchers recruited 41 overweight and obese people with desk jobs. The volunteers worked at a private health insurance company. In the study, Scientists picked 21 of these people to use shared treadmill desks. In addition, the other 20 people were assigned to a control group with regular desks. The people in the treadmill group did not exercise on the treadmill desks at all times. Instead, the treadmill group signed up for specific time slots.
The researchers found, the people who used the treadmill desks walked 1,600 more steps than the control group. The study found, those with treadmill desks did not lose any weight. Furthermore, there were no changes in their body mass index after 12 weeks. All this information was reported in the study. The researchers noticed that the treadmill desks were used about half of the time they were supposed to. The average session lasted 45-minutes daily on the treadmill desks. Consequently, the treadmill desks have become popular among people who sit at their desks all day.
  • Most Jobs are Sedentary:

In the study, the scientists know there’s a societal shift to more sedentary work. As a result, people are not exercising during their leisure time to make up for the shift. The researchers are trying to find ways to increase physical activity. Furthermore, in the last 50 years there is a decline in occupational physical activity. Most noteworthy, treadmill desks are for sedentary people. In addition, the people found that it was difficult to get 30 minutes of exercise on the treadmill desks. Moderate to vigorous exercise on a treadmill desk several times a week did not happen. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended the amount of exercise.
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On average, the people in the study walked 1.8 miles an hour. The walking speed compares to a bout of light exercise. Such light walking may have some cardiovascular benefits. To reverse the negative health effects of a sedentary lifestyle, exercise needs to be more intense. Especially relevant, when people exercise on the treadmill desk it has to be a lower-intensity activity. Worn out employees can’t perform their work duties.The researchers faced several challenges during the study. Recruiting employees was one of those challenges. In addition, the researchers wanted 700 employees to join, but only 10 percent showed an interest. The researchers said, some of the supervisors would not give permission for the people to participate.
  • People in the study had to share the Treadmill Desks:

The researchers noted that the people in the study had to share the treadmill desk. Scheduling the time slots for use of the equipment was difficult. The type of work the employees did kept them at their regular desks. The researchers said, the company encouraged exercising on the treadmill. In conclusion, we need to research the best way to employ treadmill desks into the workplace. We need a form of exercise at a low-cost.

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