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  • Whole Grain Brown Rice:

First of all, you should eat three servings of whole grains per day to get rid of loose weight. Furthermore, people who ate whole grains had 10 percent less belly fat. Diets low in whole grains are not as productive for burning belly fat. As a serving of whole grains researchers used one piece of whole grain bread or 1/2 cup of oatmeal. As a result, whole grain intake didn’t make any difference in belly fat percentage with a certain group. In addition, the group ate four or more servings of refined grains per day.


Refined grains are processed and made of white flour. Researchers made the serving size a ½ cup of white rice or one piece of whole bread. Therefore, to burn belly fat and loose weight you have to eat whole grains and stay away from refined grains. Most noteworthy, you can’t eat a cup of brown rice with three pieces of white-bread toast. Refined grains are high in sugar and will add to your belly fat. Especially relevant, eat foods that say 100 percent whole wheat or 100 percent whole grain on the packaging. Do not choose foods that say multigrain or just whole wheat because they contain refined grains.
  • Collard Greens are full of Calcium and Fiber:


100 premenopausal women had their diets and abdominal fat tracked by researchers. The researchers tracked the women for one year. Especially relevant, the years before the women develope menopause are notorious for gaining a high amount of belly fat.  Researchers found that women who ingested 100 mg of calcium per day gained 1 inch less belly fat.  Women who didn’t get as much calcium to eat had more belly fat. The researchers don’t know why calcium sheds fat so they proposed two ideas.


First of all, calcium helps your body use estrogen more effectively. Furthermore, estrogen is linked to less belly fat in your abdomen. The second reason could be that high-calcium diets lower production of cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that’s linked to belly fat. Therefore, the researchers recommend getting at least 1,000 to 2,500 mg of calcium per day. Other high calcium foods are tofu, kale, and sardines.
  • Salmon has an Excellent Source of Polyunsaturated Fats:

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Consequently, polyunsaturated fats will not produce belly fat around your middle. In addition, the researchers asked two groups of people to eat an additional 750 calories per day. The 750 calories the researchers had the people ingest were either polyunsaturated fats or saturated fats. Hence, the saturated fat group gained more belly fat, while the polyunsaturated group’s weight gain comprised more muscle mass. Another way to fight belly fat is to put on muscle mass because you can burn calories while resting. The researchers found that saturated fats turn on genes that tell your body to store fat in your stomach area. Polyunsaturated fats turn on genes in the same area but reduce fat storage. Especially relevant, fish like mackerel, sardines, and trout are full of polyunsaturated fats. Therefore, consuming fatty fish will melt loose weight.


  • Canola Oil or Olive Oil are a good source of Monounsaturated Fats:

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According to the researchers, adding canola oil to your diet helps. You can lose a 1/4 pound of fats off your belly in four weeks. The researchers gave the subjects two smoothies per day supplemented with the oil. In addition, the oil was 18 percent of their daily calories. The canola oil had lowered their blood pressure and triglyceride levels. If you want less belly fat and less loose weight use olive oil, peanut oil, safflower oil, and sesame oil.
  • Bell Peppers have a Wide Variety of Nutrients:

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In addition, the researchers studied overweight young people who ate nutrient-rich vegetables. The young people who ingested vegetables had 17 percent less belly fat. The people who didn’t eat that type of produce had more belly fat and loose weight. Researchers refer to these vegetables as “nutrient-rich”. Because of their vibrant colors, nutrients like carotenoids and chlorophyll are abundant. The researchers feel that these deeply hued vegetables may contribute to less belly fat. Furthermore, these vegetables are high in fiber and can shed more belly fat. In addition, the vegetables you should eat to burn more belly fat are Brussel sprouts, carrots, sweet potatoes and squash.
  • Lentils have Soluble Fiber:Image result for images of lentils


Researchers know that legumes like lentils have a lot of soluble fiber. As a result, people who had an additional 10 grams of soluble fiber per day did well. Consequently, they gained 3.7 percent less belly fat over five years. When they exercised they had less belly fat than those who didn’t exercise. In addition, the best way to have a lean belly is use common sense. Researchers say to load up on fruits, vegetables, seeds and whole grains per day. In conclusion, foods that say high in soluble fiber burn more belly fat melt loose weight.

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