“Your Personality has a lot to do with the Workout You Choose:”


  • First of all, are you sick and tired of spin classes? Does the treadmill bore you to death? Your personality may have a lot to do with your attitude toward exercise and activity.

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In addition, how you act in your lifestyle can play an important role in your workout routine. Furthermore, your personality has a lot to do with the activity you choose. Some people like cardio, while others exercise in the weight room. Research shows that our personality and how we feel can dictate the type of workouts we enjoy. For example, if you’re not the social type you may choose to work out solo. Sociable people will choose an activity like group fitness classes or cardio on the treadmill. Individuals with high stress may settle for an activity like yoga, and so on.
  • Finding a Good Exercise Regime:

Most noteworthy, there are just as many personality types as there are workouts. Therefore, there should be no problem finding an exercise regime that fits perfectly into your lifestyle. Whoever we choose to be, we establish that in all the areas of our life. Furthermore, when we exercise we express our personal preferences and style for the activity we choose. The activity we choose has a lot to do with who we are. Choosing the treadmill or free weights is a good example.
  • Behavioral Activation and Behavioral Inhibition:

 Researching the connection of activity and personality may be a good idea. As a result, data on personality and exercise is hardly definitive. To judge what exercise works best for someone’s personality you must use common sense. Especially relevant, a person’s stress response can be part of it, when it is a preference for certain activities. According to a researcher a connection between physical activity and two specific personality systems was found. The personality systems are called behavioral activation (BAS) and behavioral inhibition (BIS).
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According to research, a person who has a high BAS score is motivated by winning a contest or a race. A person who has a high BIS score is more motivated to evade abuse. Furthermore, when it comes to reasonable activity, BIS people with high scores may be more sensitive to negative cues. According to research, sweating, breathing hard and an increased heart rate are negative cues. So how do we know what this entire study means? Especially relevant, it comes to knowing how you perceive things. In addition, your personality may define how you view activity and exercise or treadmill and strength training.
  • Researchers Created a Chart:

To make this concept easier to understand, researchers created a chart. According to the research, the chart details where certain physical activity falls along seven personality traits. Once you discovered your personality trait you can choose an expert recommended workout based on mood and personality. When it comes to choosing the right exercise or activity the chart will steer you in the right direction.
  • Starting your Exercise Routine:Image result for starting an exercise routine

Now that you have your model activity and personality figured out you can start your exercise routine. Furthermore, make sure you adapt it into your activity and exercise program. There are two crucial elements when it comes to a successful fitness routine. According to experts, when it comes to an effective exercise regime there are two elements that are important. The two crucial elements for exercise are variability and enjoyment. Make sure to mix it up while you’re working out on the treadmill or the weights. When it comes to getting results, it’s important to make sure you like what you’re doing.
  • You Are Who You Are:Image result for images that say treadmill on them

In conclusion, you may choose a barre class or a run on the treadmill. Consequently, there is no wrong choice when it comes to an exercise or activity you enjoy. Finally, the exercise you choose has a lot to do with being an introvert or a competitive individual.
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