“The Most Harmful Food Additives Today; By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

  • You Must Read the Food Labels:

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First of all, you have to read the food labels and stay away from harmful food additives. Furthermore, there are some ingredients that need a second look. There are a lot of ingredients in food that look like something out of a scientific text-book. In addition, these ingredients in foods with high amounts of sugar can be dangerous for our bodies in the long-run. Hence, foods with these ingredients are called processed foods and are linked to many health issues.
  • Sugar is One of the Harmful Food Additives:

Most noteworthy, in Canada the average Canadian consumes about 26 grams of sugar a day. 35 per cent of the sugar intake comes from soft drinks and candy. Most processed foods have ingredients like sugar and sodium linked to type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Therefore, the worst of the bunch include foods with excessive sugar, MSG and trans-fat. While MSG is utilized at most fast food joints, MSG is also added to most comfort foods. Consequently, foods that are most processed have processed ingredients like MSG.
  • MSG Causes Serious Health Problems:

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Consumption of MSG causes an allergic type reaction in some people. Furthermore, ingesting MSG can cause migraines, diarrhea and heart palpitations. In Canada, companies must provide all the ingredients found in their food products. Therefore, mandatory nutritional labeling for the food is provided. While you are reading the ingredients, make sure you research the ingredient you’re unfamiliar with. As a result, you have ingredients like saturated fat, trans-fats, sodium and sugar. These ingredients appear on a list with several different names. In addition, processed meat or carbohydrates have ingredients like these in them.
  • Consume Foods with No More than Five Ingredients:


Try to stick to foods with the minimum of five ingredients. Consequently, most processed foods have more than five to ten ingredients. Furthermore, most processed foods have   ingredients like preservatives, sugars and other additives that are hard to digest. The first few ingredients listed on the food are the most used. Also, buying foods with unfamiliar ingredients is not a good practice. Most noteworthy, be cautious of “organic” and “natural” claims and check the labels for sugar content. Sugar is one of the most popular ingredients in most processed foods and is linked to type 2 diabetes. Sugar is one of the most harmful food additives.
  • In conclusion, Here are some harmful food additives you should avoid.Image result for images of harmful food additives


  • Artificial Colors Cause Headaches:


Hyperactivity and headaches are caused by artificial colors in most sugary treats. Processed foods have ingredients like artificial colors.  As a result, we get a rush from the ingredients and the sugar that is added to processed foods.
  • Bleached White Flour clogs the Colon:

Another one of the main ingredients in most white breads is bleached white flour. Bleached white flour has no nutritional value and foods with these ingredients are not healthy. In addition, try to avoid the most processed of all foods like fast foods. Processed foods have been linked to many diseases.
  •   Stay Away From High Fructose Corn Syrup:

High fructose corn syrup is found in most processed foods. Furthermore, these ingredients are added to lunch meats and have no nutritional value. Consuming processed foods with these ingredients has also been linked to type 2 diabetes. Most noteworthy, ingesting to much food with high fructose corn syrup can be damaging to our livers.
  • Artificial Sweeteners do not Help:

Processed foods have ingredients like artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners are extremely addictive and give food that sugary taste. Especially relevant, artificial sweeteners are made from chemicals and have been linked to migraines and even cancer.
  • BHT Is Poison:

To preserve fats, BHT or butylated hydroxytoluene is added to most processed foods. In addition, consuming too much BHT can cause allergic reactions on the skin. Therefore, foods that are most processed are linked to a lot of ailments and should be avoided.
  • Partially Hydrogenated oil is Used in Baking and Peanut Butter:

Partially hydrogenated oils are found in cake mixes, peanut butter and baked goods. Furthermore, these oils in processed foods are hard for the body to digest. Good cholesterol levels decrease and partially hydrogenated oils are also linked to heart disease.
  • MSG is Used in Many Fast Foods and Restaurants:

Another one of the ingredients is MSG (monosodium glutamate) a food additive that is found in many foods. Consequently, fast food restaurants use MSG to flavor the processed foods they serve. MSG often overexcites the nerve cells in the brain and can even kill brain cells. In conclusion, after a big meal ingredients like MSG can lead to exhaustion.
  • Bacon and Hot Dogs are Saturated with Sodium Nitrates and Nitrites:Image result for images of bacon and hot dogs

Foods like bacon and hot dogs are full of sodium nitrates and nitrites. Nitrates and nitrites are chemical compounds used to preserve and flavor processed meats. Most of all nitrates and nitrites can disturb the way your body utilizes sugar. Other ailments from nitrates and nitrites are diabetes and colorectal cancer. Nitrates are one of the more popular harmful food additives.
  • Sodium Benzoate can Weaken Your Immune System:

Chemical preservatives like sodium benzoate are used to prevent the growth of bacteria in foods. Jams, fruit pies and soft drinks have sodium benzoate added to them. Sodium benzoate weakens our immune system and can also deprive our cells of oxygen. Hence, consuming foods with this preservative is a big mistake.
  • Sulphites Cause Allergic Reactions:

Harmful food additives to preserve food color and prolong shelf life are called sulphites. In addition, sulphites are used in many food products including canned fruits, frozen fries and soy products. Swelling of the eyes, face, and tongue are allergic reactions sulphites cause while ingesting foods with this preservative. I hope this helps you in your quest for health and longevity.

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