Before you go out to your Favorite Fast Food Joint for that Juicy Burger; Read this Article:

  • McDonald’s Started Serving Burgers in the 50’s:


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Most Noteworthy, McDonald’s started serving burgers in California in the 1950s. Furthermore, Americans have been hungry for fast food ever since McDonald’s opened their doors. In most parts of the Country, you can’t walk more than 50 yards without coming across some fast food restaurants. These fast food restaurants sell burgers or fried chicken to go. In addition, about a quarter of the population eats fast food on any given day. Childhood obesity is a real concern.
  •  The Unlimited American Love Affair with Fast Food is Dying Down:

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 Consequently, people are beginning to turn their backs on cheap meat and fast food in America. British livestock farmers raising cheap meat are staggering from one crisis to the next. Furthermore, it doesn’t have to take an outbreak of hoof and mouth disease to threaten the fast food market. Eric Schlosser came out with a new book called Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal. Schlosser’s new book has made Americans take a good look at the food they choose to eat and childhood obesity.
  • Schlosser Shocked the American Public with His Book:

Especially relevant, people have been commenting on the online bookshop. In addition, people are declaring that they will never eat fast food or go to any fast food restaurants again. Schlosser has a chapter on slaughter houses and some reviewers were disgusted by the chapter. Some reviewers were unable to finish the book and had a hard time eating their dinner. As a result, one journalist said he would have God strike him dead before he would consume another fast-food product. Fast food be it pizza, hamburgers or chicken is becoming less of a commodity.
  • Schlosser became Angry when He Found out about the Fast Food Industry:

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At first, Schlosser did not plan on exposing the fast food industry. In addition, he ate fast food all his life and enjoyed eating the food. The Fast Food Nation book started out as a magazine article about fast food restaurants in America. Schlosser became angry when he found out about the fast food industry. Americans are worried about the possibility of mad cow disease arriving from Britain. In Fast Food Nation, Schlosser tells of lobbying efforts by animal feed manufacturers. Therefore, it is legal to feed the blood of poultry and cattle to cows in America. Most noteworthy, these practices have contributed to the spread of the hoof and mouth disease in Europe.
  • Cows spend Their Last Days in Contaminated Feed Lots:

Furthermore, one fast food hamburger contains meat from dozens of different cows. These cows spend their last days in contaminated feedlots full of pools of manure. In addition, these contaminated feed lots have led to a sharp rise in the spread of the e-coli bacteria. As a result, contaminated fast food meat has caused 200,000 Americans to get sick from food poisoning every day.
  • The Slaughter Houses:

In the book, Schlosser says conditions are real bad in the slaughterhouses. The conditions are so poor that American burgers exported to Europe contain traces of feces. Standards of hygiene are also shocking in some of the fast food restaurants. Furthermore, Schlosser interviewed workers at the food restaurants. As a result, most workers refused to eat anything at their establishment unless they prepared it themselves.


  •  Disclosures from Fast Food Nation are finally pushing American Consumers to turn away from the Fast Food:

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When you eat the fast food, 20 minutes later you feel as if there is something different about the food. Consequently, Schlosser says there are an after-taste and a sense that the food doesn’t sit well. Most people who eat fast food were already concerned about it. Schlosser wrote Fast Food Nation to address the concerns of the people who eat fast food. Childhood obesity is another issue.
Challenging the way most Americans eat fast food, Schlosser plays a key role with his book Fast Food Nation. Furthermore, Schlosser doesn’t care about the big corporations and he is no vegetarian. Because of this, his book appeals to a mainstream audience. People who aren’t involved in the food activist community are reading Fast Food Nation. As a result, they are quitting the fast food and vacating the fast food restaurants. Fast Food Nation is being published in the UK and has tapped into current fears about obesity. Furthermore, Britain’s rate of childhood obesity has doubled since 1993 and so has the number of fast food restaurants.
  •  The Fast Food Industry Promotes Childhood Obesity:


 In conclusion, American children are the target of persistent ad campaigns by fast food restaurants or fast food chains. In addition, Schlosser will not take his kids to fast food restaurants anymore. Most noteworthy, Schlosser has an eight-year-old and a 10-year-old. Therefore, getting his kids used to eating healthy was not easy because they miss the food. Childhood obesity is at an all time high.

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