“Enjoy Dark Chocolate without Feeling Guilty; By weight Loss Made Simple:”

  • Most People Love Chocolate:

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First of all, most people who love chocolate don’t really need an excuse to eat it every day. Having a chocolate bar stashed in your favorite hideout is reason enough. In addition, if you’re a chocolate diet lover and you’re feeling guilty about your habit, we have great news. When you eat dark chocolate with a high cocoa percentage the chocolate becomes part of a healthy diet. Eating dark chocolate can be a beneficial part of your daily diet. Furthermore, a dark chocolate diet is enriched with cocoa and is good for your health.
  • Feel Good About Your Chocolate Consumption:

Most noteworthy, you should feel good about your chocolate diet consumption. Here are some reasons why your dark chocolate obsession is a good thing. Dark chocolate can make you happy and not because it tastes good, it’s because the chocolate contains tryptophan. In addition, tryptophan is an amino acid used by the brain to make serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that makes you feel happy.
  • Cocoa and Soluble Fiber:Image result for images of the words chocolate diet

 A high cocoa content in your dark chocolate contains a solid amount of soluble fiber. A 100-gram bar with 70-85 percent chocolate has 11 grams of fiber. Soluble fiber lowers cholesterol, keeps your hunger at bay, and is good for your digestive system. Eating dark chocolate is good for your mind and will help you focus. Furthermore, dark chocolate is good for keeping your brain sharp and away from dementia. A four-decade long study found that people who consumed chocolate regularly did well on brain power tests.
  • Good For the Heart:

 Most noteworthy, chocolate is good for your heart and eating dark chocolate may lower your risk of cardio vascular disease. Especially relevant, if you want to lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, eat chocolate 5 times a week. One study showed eating dark chocolate five or more times a week lowered the risk of a heart attack. In addition, eating dark chocolate can make a baby happier. And who doesn’t want a happy baby?
  • Happy Babies:Image result for happy babies

Consequently, a study found that mothers who ate more chocolate during pregnancy had less fussy babies. Pregnant women from all walks should be eating chocolate. Chocolate has flavonoids we need for a number of reasons. Flavonoids are a plant-based antioxidant found in cocoa. Most of all, flavonoids are an example of why dark chocolate is so good for you. These antioxidants maintain the health of your blood vessels and lower blood pressure and cholesterol.
  •  Dark Chocolate is Good for Your Skin:

 In addition, dark chocolate is also good for skincare and eating it can actually help protect you from sunburn. Furthermore, the two antioxidants found in dark chocolate are phenols, and catechins. Chocolate is a natural stress reliever and we can all use a little less stress. In conclusion, we can lower our stress levels with dark chocolate. And stress is the reason why the reason people crave dark chocolate. Little kids don’t really like the taste, so they won’t ask you for some. More for you!


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